Fairy Tale Friday- The Lovers

This week’s fairy tale was all about two toys that lived in a drawer. The top and the little ball. One day the top asked the ball to be sweethearts. The ball was adamant that they shouldn’t be sweethearts. The next day, the boy took the top out and sprused it up a little bit. The top, once placed in the drawer again, asked the ball if they could be sweethearts now that it looked even better. After some conversation, the top finds out that the ball is as good as engaged to a swallow. One day, the ball disappeared when thrown up into the air and the top was convinced it had been taken by the swallow.

Several years later, the top finds itself in the bin, instead of being next to an old apple, he found himself next to his old love, the ball. He had been in the gutter for years and was almost unrecognisable. By this time, the top had an upgrade and was looking much better! He realised the ball was the ball that he had used to love. The fairy tale ends with the top being taken out of the bin and unfortunately leaving the ball behind!

Next Fairy Tale- A Picture From The Rampart



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