How did I get it?:
I bought it!


BE WHO YOU ARE. When people look at George, they think they see a boy. But she knows she’s not….


I had heard SO much about this book from fellow bloggers that I just knew I had to check it out. I was immediately pulled into George’s story. It’s such an engaging, touching read that I do highly recommend. I can totally see why so many people love it!

The story centres around George who identifies as a girl. At school, they’ve been studying Charlotte’s Web, they’re going to perform the story and George is desperate to be Charlotte. George’s love of the book helps her to show everyone that she identifies as a girl. In George’s eyes, she is a girl, she just has to make everyone else aware of that.

I loved George’s friendship with Kelly. Kelly just accepted George for who she was which was absolutely heart-warming. This book felt realistic to me, because it did have hard moments within it. Everything wasn’t easily accepted and I imagine that’s true to George’s situation. George’s mother wasn’t accepting to begin with and I feel like this is how it could possibly be for many that identify as transgender.

Another thing that I really loved about this book, was that George did feel 10 years old. The writing was incredibly lovely and simplistic. It really felt like I was living George’s life as he struggled with his identity. She was so brave! I think it’s such an inspiring story.

Would I recommend it?:
Of course!

An inspiring story which I think is truly wonderful!

8 thoughts on “George

  1. Fantastic review. I loved this one but don’t know that I’d realized that so much of my love was George feeling ten years old and how that’s reflected in the language. Hopefully, we’ll have many more books like this for kids soon!

  2. I really liked this one as well. I appreciated how by focusing the story on a child, the author is able to differentiate between gender and sexuality. It’s not a question of whether George likes boys or girls. It’s a question of who George is.

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