Top Ten Things That’ll Instantly Turn Me Off A Book

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the wonderful The Broke and The Bookish. This week’s list is all about things that instantly turn us off in a book. Those things that have you steering way clear!

  1. Love triangles- so overdone.
  2. Muscly men on the covers- I can appreciate… but won’t pick up a book because of that!
  3. Sports- if it looks really sport-related I’m not interested.
  4. Bad boys- I don’t mind a bad boy character, but when it’s just that with no substance, I don’t have time for it…
  5. Female characters that are totally reliant on a guy to function.
  6. Anything that hints at heavily Science-related content- it’s not my thing!
  7. Girl hate- I dislike it when female characters hate another for a particularly petty reason.
  8. Possessive relationships- it doesn’t matter to me if it’s a male or female being possessive, I don’t like it!
  9. Body shaming- just no!
  10. Cheating- I have read some books where it’s not made me run away from reading the book and it’s been a minor element of the story, but if it straight out markets itself on the cheating aspect or tries to justify the cheating, I have no time for it.

This feels like quite a sassy list this week!

What turns you off from reading a book? Feel free to leave a link to your Top Ten post and I’ll stop by!

54 thoughts on “Top Ten Things That’ll Instantly Turn Me Off A Book

  1. #3 – I’m not a sports person, but I don’t mind a book with characters into sports. As long as they don’t get into all that technical mumbo-jumbo.

    #5 – I don’t want a female that completely relies on a guy, but I don’t want a female who can do everything by herself either. The ‘feminist’ movement was all about equality, not about women taking over like I’m starting to see in books.

  2. 1 | Yeah, these are overdone! I have conflicted thoughts because I do feel like I like several books with the love triangle, but overall, I think it should take a break.

    5 | Yep. I don’t like the kick-butt, doesn’t -need-a-dude character either, but I also want a character to be able to (certainly!) function and live, and be to a certain degree self-reliant. It’s a balancing act.

    Thanks so much, as always, for visiting Finding Wonderland, Chrissi. 🙂

  3. Yeah no love triangles… though sometimes they work when the girl only really likes one of them (not often though…) And science and athletics turn me off too, I didn’t think of those for my post… Great list!

  4. Really bad covers that look cheaply done or just have a random model on the front turn me off a book. I know we shouldn’t judge a book by the cover. But if it looks cheap and tacky then I just won’t bother.

    I’m getting tired of that much used fantasy plotline of ‘young farm boy can suddenly use a sword and save the world’.

  5. Love triangles are definitely not a favorite of mine, and body shaming is another one. Why aren’t we past that yet?? Possessive relationships are also no- no’s. We don’t like em in real life, why read about them?

    Good list!

  6. I agree with all of these!! I almost put bad boys on my list too. I’ve liked that less and less as I’ve gotten older. Great list!

  7. I agree with a lot of these. I cannot stand love triangles, girl hate and body shaming. I’m actually more inclined to pick up a sporty book because they’re such addictive reads.

  8. I also can’t stand girl hate and body shaming. There’s so much negativity in the world already– why increase it by putting it in books?
    Great list!

  9. I completely agree with the girl hate and body shaming. There’s no need for any of it in modern stories.

    Possessive relationships make me cringe as well, Greg. That’s not something anyone should be romanticizing.

    Here is my Top Ten Tuesday!

  10. Oh my gosh, I’m with you on girl hate! I forget to include that on my post, but I hate that so much! I’m also not a fan of love triangles, women who can’t live on their own, cheating and body-shaming. I don’t mind a good looking man on the cover though. But I read a lot of romance and that kind of comes with the territory. 🙂

  11. Great list, Chrissi! Cheating made my list too. While I’ve read some great books that touch on the subject of adultery, it can be a real sticking point for me and my ability to like or connect with a character. Body shaming is never okay. I had to chuckle when I read you don’t like to read books with muscly men on the covers. I read those types of books now and then and always feel so embarrassed when it comes time to post the photo of the cover along with my review. LOL

    I hope you have a great rest of the week! Thank you for sharing.

  12. I can’t agree with #s 2-4. Those are really important things for a good book to have. 😉 But I’m also a HUGE sports romance fan, so all of those things are what helps make them great. Hee hee. Nice post!
    My TTT.

  13. “Female characters that are totally reliant on a guy to function.” & “Possessive relationships” – both fall into the same for me. Just argh, it’s not just female characters that can’t function I’ve read it with other sexes and it’s just a irratating.
    “Body shaming” – loathe this.

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