Fairy Tale Friday- She Was Good For Nothing

This week’s fairy tale is also known as She Was No Good. It centres around a town where there’s an alcoholic washerwoman. The mayor of the town is constantly complaining that she is no good. Her son hears this and tells his mum and her friend Maren, who is a poor lady. The son always brings his mum drink on the job. She’s clearly not the best employee ;), Maren tells the family that the mayor’s youngest brother has died. The washerwoman takes this news badly, because she once loved the mayor’s son’s brother but was told not to pursue him because they were from completely different social statuses. The washerwoman married another man, and although they were well off at first, they soon ran out of money and ended up living in poverty.

Not long after, the washerwoman dies. The mayor reveals that his brother left her (and her son) a huge sum of money. The boy is told that he’ll be put in a good home and it wasn’t such a bad thing that his mother died because she wasn’t that good a person! (Charming!) This of course, upsets the boy. He goes to Maren and asks if his mother really was good for nothing. Maren insists that his mother was a good person and he feels better about himself and (her!) Bless him!

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