Fairy Tale Friday- The Shadow

The Shadow is a quirky tale which I’m certainly coming to expect from Hans Christian Andersen. It centres around a learned man who visits the Mediterranean and is instantly intrigued by a balcony over the road from where he is renting. The man sends his shadow over to check it out. (How cool would that be?) His shadow never comes back, but the learned man is able to grow another shadow so he doesn’t stand out compared to others.

The learned man goes back home and years later finds himself visited by his shadow. His shadow went into the house of poetry, he learnt a lot and impressed others with his knowledge. The shadow was then showered with gifts turning him rich and very famous. The shadow didn’t want the man to tell anyone that it wasn’t a real person.

The shadow visits again a while later and the man is sick. The shadow is still doing well for itself. The shadow offers the philosopher the chance to go to a spa with him. However, he’s told everyone that the man is actually the shadow! The shadow meets and falls in love with a princess. As in every fairy tale, things move quickly and they agree to marry. They kill the man as they believe he’s delusional for thinking he’s a real human! (Nasty shadow…)

Next Fairy Tale- The Bottle-Neck


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