Fairy Tale Friday- The Goblin and The Huckster

This fairy tale is also known as The Pixy and The Grocer and The Goblin and The Grocer. In the story, a goblin lives with a grocer and his wife. The goblin is treated well with porridge and butter which is a real luxury. The goblin spies on a student that lives upstairs. One day the student comes down to the shop to buy cheese and candles. He realises that the cheese is wrapped up in a page from a poetry book. He buys the book instead of the cheese joking that the grocer knew nothing about poetry. The goblin was offended by this and used magic to make everything speak in the room. All of the objects said that poetry was pretty useless.

The goblin goes to tell the student, but is enticed by a tree of light in the student’s room. He keeps going back to visit the tree of light, watching it through a peephole. He couldn’t afford to leave the grocers as he was fed so well there. One day there was a fire and the goblin decided to save the poetry as he realised it was quite precious after all.

Next Fairy Tale- The Marsh King’s Daughter

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