Ten Books I’ve Struggled To Get Through

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the wonderful The Broke and The Bookish. This week’s list is all about books that we’ve had a hard time with in one way or another. Now, I know some of these books are popular, they just didn’t work for me. I have nothing against the authors that’s for sure and would definitely read different books for them. No hate!

Click on the book image to get to the Goodreads page for the book! I hope that you have better luck with these than I did! 🙂

The Pearl Thief- Elizabeth Wein

The Pearl Thief (Code Name Verity #0.5)

I did read all of this book, but it didn’t grip me as much as Code Name Verity did. It took me a while to become engaged with it.

The Sudden Appearance Of Hope- Claire North

The Sudden Appearance of Hope

It took me a while to get through this book even though the story is fascinating. I think so many people would enjoy it though!

The Girl In The Red Coat- Kate Hamer

The Girl in the Red Coat

Initially, I was gripped by this book, but I lost interest around halfway through.

The Last Days Of Summer- Vanessa Ronan

The Last Days of Summer

I think fans of literary fiction would absolutely love this book. It just wasn’t for me.

The Ballroom- Anna Hope

The Ballroom

I wasn’t excited by the story, but I know others that have loved it!

Life In A Fishbowl- Len Vlahos

Life in a Fishbowl

I didn’t gel with this author’s writing style.

Don’t Look Behind You- Mel Sharratt

Don't Look Behind You (Detective Eden Berrisford, #2)

I found this book okay, but I wasn’t excited by it!

The Cruelty- Scott Bergstrom

The Cruelty

It took me a while to read this one despite its promising premise.

Uprooted- Naomi Novik


I was a little disappointed by this book. I think my expectations were too high.

Unravelling- Elizabeth Norris

Unraveling (Unraveling, #1)

I wasn’t drawn into this story at all!

Have you read any of these and had an opposite experience? Let me know! Feel free to leave a link to your post and I’ll stop by.

55 thoughts on “Ten Books I’ve Struggled To Get Through

  1. The Girl in the Red Coat wasn’t what I expected. I ended up liking it, but not as much as I might have had it been a straight up mystery, I think. Uprooted was one I ended up really liking myself. I read another of Mel Sherratt’s books and was disappointed in it. I’m not sure I’ll try another, frankly.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on these books, Chrissi! Have a great rest of the week!

  2. It’s interesting to see the wide variety of books that didn’t quite work for you which I think indicates style rather than subject matter often plays a bigger part of what we either love (or otherwise feel) about a book. I really did enjoy The Ballroom, probably more in hindsight than when I wrote my review. However I’m with you on The Last Days of Summer!

    • Thanks Cleo! I think it’s definitely down to style rather than subject matter. I like to think that I read quite a range of authors and sometimes I just don’t gel with a writer’s style! I’m glad you enjoyed The Ballroom more than I did.

  3. I’ve only read ‘Uprooted’ and loved it 😀 But it was also my first book by Novik and I was convinced it was YA and therefore had lower expectations because I read too many disappointing YA novels just before I picked it up. So, was happy to see it was more of a High Fantasy book and a Stand Alone! 🙂

  4. I haven’t read most of these but I did read the first couple chapters of Uprooted and it didn’t really work for me. I know a lot of people liked it though.

  5. Hi! This is the second list in a row I’ve seen Uprooted on. I just put it on my TBR list from last week or the week before, I think. lol. Now I’m actually more intrigued by it. What will I think??? 🙂
    My TTT

  6. I loved Code Name Verity as well as Rose Under Fire but I was super hesitant to pick up The Pearl Thief for some reason. I completely agree with you on The Girl in the Red Coat.

  7. I haven’t read any of these. Sorry you didn’t enjoy them. I keep saying that as I visit posts today! I think it is so sad when someone takes time to read a book and then doesn’t like it. Here is my Top Ten Tuesday.

  8. Uprooted was one book I struggled to get into as well. I think the pacing and flowery writing left me feeling a bit underwhelmed, it could have used a bit of tension in the build up.

  9. Totally agree on The Girl in the Red Coat. It was interesting, but not the best thing ever? I read it for a book club and everyone else in the book club has children, so the discussion meeting was a lot of talking about how horrible it would be to have your daughter kidnapped, and while I can arbitrarily agree, I think maybe that book resonates best with parents (I’m not sure if you are one)?

  10. I can’t tell you how happy I am to find someone else who didn’t love Uprooted! I liked it all right but thought the story pacing was uneven and weird and I hated the Dragon – I totally did not get the passionate love that book inspired in others but I’m glad they enjoyed it.

  11. I feel you with Uprooted- I think my expectations were too high too, because everyone and their mom was flailing over it. And I was just… bored and apathetic? I really liked Life in a Fishbowl, BUT I can totally see how you either like the writing, or you don’t, so I get that. And seriously, isn’t it even worse when a book initially grips you and THEN you get bored like The Girl in the Red Coat? To me, that is even worse than it just being dull from the start! Great list 😀

  12. With exception to “Unraveling,” I haven’t heard of any of these. That said, I do remember reading about this one and thinking it wasn’t a “me book.” As you say, sometimes a story just doesn’t work for certain readers, and that’s totally ok. 🙂

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