Top Ten Book Boyfriends

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the wonderful The Broke and The Bookish. This week’s list is all about the book boyfriends. This list was incredibly hard for me to put together. I’m not a book boyfriend kinda gal. However, here are some male characters that I really loved reading about!

Click on the title to get to the Goodreads page for the book!

Dean- Hopeless

There’s something about Dean that made me absolutely adore him. He was a complex character and I always enjoy that. His relationship with Sky melted my heart.

Four- Divergent

I loved Four. Such a strong character.

Jase- My Life Next Door

I liked that Jase was a good guy.

Billy- Billy and Me

Giovanna writes amazing male characters. There was something very appealing about Billy!

Etienne St Clair- Anna and The French Kiss

I think this guy might be on a few lists this week! I can imagine my younger self swooning over him!

Noah- Pushing The Limits

Noah touched my heart!

Cricket- Lola and The Boy Next Door

Cricket may have a silly name, but he stole my heart. I loved Cricket and Lola!

Matt- Flat Out series

I loved Matt’s geekiness!

Landon- A Walk To Remember

Such a beautiful book with wonderful characters!

Xander- The Distance Between Us

This book is just… adorable! I couldn’t get enough of reading about the character’s relationship!

Who are your book boyfriends/girlfriends? Feel free to leave a link to your post and I’ll stop by!

46 thoughts on “Top Ten Book Boyfriends

  1. *gasp* HOW COULD I FORGET Xander?? I liked him – a lot.

    Also, love Etienne and of course, Cricket (who is on my list this week).

    Gotta’ love lists (like this) that allow us to gush over those book BF’s!! 🙂

  2. Dean had this bad boy thing going, but his mood swings may have been too much for me as a kid. I contemplated Four for my list. I really grew to love him a lot over the course of that series. I forgot how nice Jase was, because I was so obsessed with his family. Matt definitely gets heart eyes from me. He was a wonderful big brother, and made me swoon a bunch. Noah, another wonderful, broody, bad boy, and Xander was truly dashing. Great list!

  3. Jase ❤ what a sweetheart. He is without a doubt the nicest guy you could ever date. Katie McGarry's guys are always a hit. They're all so charming and genuine and swoony haha.

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