Fairy Tale Friday- The Basket Of Eggs (An Easter Story)

This week’s fairy tale is a sweet little Easter story.

It starts with King Winter reigning over the dark months of Winter. He sits on a frosty throne commanding the winter weather to fall. Soon, sunlight begins to beam down and King Winter realises that Spring is on its way. Spring is a female in the case. Spring walks where Winter reigned melting everything in her pathway. Signs of Spring popped up and everyone seemed much happier.

The animals in the wood were preparing for Easter. They were having conversations about who should carry the basket of eggs to the village for the children. Animals like the weasel and bear wanted to, but the other animals surmised that they needed a gentle creature that the children wouldn’t be scared of. They decided to go with a white rabbit.

The world wasn’t ready for Easter yet as the flowers were deciding which one should be the Easter flower. The rose was too thorny and the violet was too shy. They decided to go with the lily because it was as pure as the heart of Jesus.

The world was still not ready for Easter yet as they were waiting to see which bird should sing on Easter morning. The crow was too harsh, the sparrow was too chirpy. They decided to go for the robin because it had a musical voice and its breast was red like the blood of Jesus. The robin wanted to know what tree to sing from. The oak wanted to be used, but the cross Jesus carried was made of oak. The pine was too prickly. The robin decided to sing from the willow tree because a willow wept to see Jesus suffer.

Finally Easter was ready!

I had never heard of this tale before but I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

An extract from A Year Full of Stories, by Angela McAllister, illustrated by Christopher Corr (Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, 2016)   

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