Look To Your Wife

Look To Your Wife

How did I get it?:
NetGalley- thanks to Harper Collins UK


Lisa Blaize – teacher, and would-be fashion writer, mother and second wife – feels out of place when her high-flying husband becomes the headmaster of a school in a country town. Isolated and far from her metropolitan upbringing, she turns to the one place where she learns she can be uninhibited.

But ‘Twitter may be my undoing’, Lisa discovers as her one-time private life becomes all too public. Soon she is dealing with an online stalker and her husband’s reputation is put at risk, but will she be able to give up her addiction?

From the gossip of the classroom to our obsession with instant communication, Look To Your Wife is witty and brilliantly observed, revealing the pleasures and pains of contemporary life. 


There’s a few things that immediately capture my attention in a synopsis…. one of which is mention of education. Being a teacher myself, I’m always intrigued by books that mention teaching/education. Another is when social media is involved. I love modern stories especially when they’re about the perils of social media! These two things made me request this book. I’m glad I did because I found Look To Your Wife to be an interesting read.

It centres around Lisa Blaize whose husband is an incredibly successful headteacher. He moves to a public school in order to turn it around. Lisa and her husband Edward have been married before, but fell for each other when working at the same school. Lisa has to move from her beloved Liverpool, leaving her friends and family behind. After having children, Lisa doesn’t work. She is desperate to finish her second book. She finds herself on Twitter. This turns Lisa’s life in a totally different direction. She embarks on an affair with another man. Lisa over tweets (some are incredibly cringey) and finds herself dealing with an anonymous stalker.

I really enjoyed the story unfolding. I wasn’t sure where it was going to go. I enjoyed reading Lisa’s interactions on Twitter. I loved how it turned from a light hearted story into something much sinister. Lisa’s stalker got creepier and creepier as time went on. I was trying to work out who it might be. There are so many possibilities, because Lisa isn’t the most likeable of people. I certainly found myself rolling my eyes at some of her antics. Some of which made me laugh though. I loved that element of the story.

I wasn’t a fan of Lisa as a character, but that really didn’t affect my enjoyment of the book. I don’t think she deserved the ‘attention’ she got from Twitter. The blog posts were incredibly creepy as well. It really made me cautious about the internet.

I haven’t read any of Paula Byrne’s non fiction books, but I have to say that I really enjoyed her writing style. I liked how the story was so very modern. Lisa is completely taken in by social media which is incredibly relatable to many. It does make you think about what you put out there on social media. It’s true that we only put out what we want to, but others interpretations can be very different than what your intentions were.

Would I recommend it?:

I enjoyed this book! It made me think about intentions on social media!


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