Fairy Tale Friday- The Cracked Pot

This week’s fairy tale was an Indian story. It’s a cute little story about a water-bearer who walked down to the stream with two large pots hanging from a poke across his shoulders, to get water for his master’s house.

The water-bearer walked for many years until he was old a bent and ready for a younger man to take over. One of the pots had started to crack. Just as the man was about to pass on his job, the cracked pot asked why he had never been replaced. The water-bearer took the pot to the stream to answer the question. Along the way, he pointed out the flowers that grew on the pot’s side of the path. The water-bearer told him that he planted them because he knew the pot would always water them. He told the pot, that it was the pot’s flaws that helped him appreciate the beautiful flowers. That’s why he never replaced the pot!


An extract from A Year Full of Stories, by Angela McAllister, illustrated by Christopher Corr (Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, 2016)   

Next Fairy Tale- Spring and Autumn

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