Little Liar

Little Liar

How did I get it?:
NetGalley- thanks to Penguin Random House


Nora has lied about many things. But has she told her most dangerous lie of all?

There’s a new art assistant at Nora’s school, and he’s crossed a line. Nora decides to teach him a lesson he won’t forget.

But not everything goes quite to plan, and Nora needs an escape. She befriends the rich and talented Bel, who longs for a part in a remake of a famous film. Bel is unpredictable, jealous and crazy, but she opens up a new world for Nora, and that makes her irresistible. 

As events start to spin wildly out of control, Nora must decide where her loyalties lie – and what deceits she can get away with.


I wasn’t sure whether I was going to enjoy this book or not. I’m always a bit dodgy about reading books about teachers being one myself. It does tend to feel a little uncomfortable. However, I thought I’d give Little Liar a go and I’m glad I did. It’s a story about deceit with an awful female character narrating the story. Despite her being such a liar, I did enjoy the story even if I didn’t enjoy her!

Little Liar is about a girl named Nora who is prone to lying. Nora finds it easy to lie. One day when the new art assistant at school dares to cross her, she decides to seek revenge , teach him a lesson and once again expand on the truth… The situation doesn’t end up like she intended though and she needs an escape from reality. Nora befriends Annabel (Bel). Bel introduces Nora to a new world of drama…which once again leads Nora’s life spiralling out of control.

This book is a decent read, despite me disliking the main character. I didn’t trust Nora much at all. All along Nora lied and you’re left wondering whether she was ever going to tell the truth. Don’t expect twists and turns in this book, because they’re not there. Yet something about it captivates you and keeps you turning the pages. It is quite a dark read, but there’s still something utterly readable about it.

I really enjoyed Julia Gray’s writing style, it was easy to read and I loved the setting of the school and Nora’s past in France. I’m all for reading more British Writers so it’s great to add another to my list!

Would I recommend it?:

An intriguing story!

4 thoughts on “Little Liar

  1. Great review, Chrissi. I am glad that you enjoyed this one. I do like the theme of deception in YAs so this intrigues me despite the lack of shocking twists or the unlikable MC. definitely one for my TBR.

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