Fairy Tale Friday- The Boots of Hunain and Zirak and Ring-dove

This week’s fairy tales are connected to Ramadan and Eid. I’m not a follower of the Muslim faith, but I thought I’d put them out now for those celebrating! 🙂

The Boots of Hunain

One morning, a desert traveller rode into town and notice a pair of boots. He really wanted to buy them. The cobbler, Hunain said that they were the finest boots he’d ever made and were worth three times the amount. The traveller insisted that the price was too much, but no matter how much they argued, the traveller could not get the price down. The traveller told him he was greedy and that his camel was worth more than the boots. He then stormed out of the shop.

Hunain was insulted by the man’s rudeness. Later, when he saw the traveller on his camel, Hunain grabbed the boots and followed him. He watched the route the traveller was going and took a shortcut to get ahead of him. A mile along the trail Hunain placed one of the boots down and one a mile later. Then he hid behind a sand dune. As the traveller walked past, he found the first boot. He said that one would be no good for him, so continued. The traveller came across the second boot and decided to tie up his camel and go back for the other one- getting beautiful boots for nothing.

As soon as the traveller was out of sight, Hunain untied the camel and rode it home. Chuckling ‘Fair’s Fair’ along the way! Cheeky Hunain!

Zirak and Ring-dove

Ring-dove and her sisters found some sunflower seeds in the morning. They started pecking at them, not realising that there was a net in the grass beneath their feet. Suddenly the net closed around them and Ring-dove and her sisters were trapped. They flapped around in panic. Ring-dove told her sisters to stay calm and to work together to escape. Ring-dove suggested that they should flap their wings together to lift the net off the group and fly out of the bird-catchers reach. When Ring-dove called, they all flapped together. As the bird-catcher went to grab the net, Ring-dove and her sisters rose from the ground and flew over his head and away. Ring-dove and her sisters flew to the nearest town as they believed that the bird-catcher couldn’t get them there. She had a plan to set them free. The bird-catcher did follow them, but got totally lost in the town’s streets.

Ring-dove’s sisters complained that they were still in danger from cats and dogs in the busy town. Ring-dove told her sisters to trust her. She had a friend called Zirak who was a little brown mouse. She asked for his help and he began to chew the net around his friend, Ring-dove. Her sisters were insistent that he should help them first. He ignored them and kept trying for Ring-dove’s safety. She asked Zirak to save her sisters first. Zirak told her that her sisters were selfish. Ring-dove said that if he was tired he would still save his good friend, but if he saved her first and then grew tired, he might not save them.  Zirak agreed with this. He said he didn’t care about her sisters, but her kindness made him love her even more. Zirak chewed until the sisters were free and then he freed his dear friend. Ring-dove and Zirak said their goodbyes and then a cat threatened the birds so they had to hurry home!

An extract from A Year Full of Stories, by Angela McAllister, illustrated by Christopher Corr (Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, 2016)   

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