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Hope has never been happier. She’s on her way to Crete, after a group of her friends have made her an honorary ‘lad’ and let her tag along on their boys’ holiday. There’s a slight complication in that one of those boys, Logan, is Hope’s ex-boyfriend, but they’re still friends and Hope’s pretty confident it won’t be too awkward.

The next couple of days are exactly what Hope was hoping for – lazy days in the sun, and long, drunken conversations. She can’t help but notice that Logan’s flirting with her. Logan and Hope end up alone and Hope is horrified when, after she leans in to kiss him, Logan completely rejects her.

Embarrassed and annoyed, Hope is on a mission to get drunk, and with the alcohol flowing, and the sun going down, Hope’s starts having a great time.

The next thing Hope knows, she’s being woken up on the beach by two strangers. It’s 9 o’clock the next morning and she can’t remember anything about the previous night . . . what on earth happened?


I thought that this sounded like an intriguing read, so I decided to request it. It was a story all about friendship and how it can go toxic over time…

It starts with a girl named Hope who is on holiday with a group of her guy friends. One night, things go terribly wrong for Hope and her friends. Relationships start to get broken. Each person is hiding something from another. The story is told through three narratives- Hope, Logan and Daisy. As expected (for me), I did prefer some narratives to others. I could have done without Daisy’s narrative.

I loved that Toxic had a male character with depression. It’s not nearly represented as much as it should be. So a big thumbs up for Nicci Cloke for that!

Something that I really enjoyed about this book were the characters. So many had flaws and I loved that. No one loves a perfect character, do they? I did get a little frustrated with some of their actions and behaviour but that didn’t stop me from reading the story. I think most of the actions and the relationships between the characters are very true to life.

Whilst this book didn’t blow me away, I thought it was a decent read!

Would I recommend it?:

Easy to read book with true to life characters!

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