Fairy/Folk Tale Friday- Why The Evergreens Keep Their Leaves


This week’s fairy tale is an American story. It’s one I’ve heard of before but I had no idea it was American.

It’s all about the seasons. The story starts with autumn days being cold with signs of winter along the way. All the birds flew away to a warmer place, but one little bird couldn’t fly. He thought the trees would keep him warm for the winter. He asked a silver birch, but she said she had her leaves to look after. He asked an oak, but the oak said he didn’t want anyone to eat his acorns. The bird continued on to ask a willow, but the willow tree told him that she never welcomed strangers. The bird felt sad and sure he’d never be sheltered.

Then the spruce, the pine and the juniper tree all offered the bird shelter and food. That night, the North Wind blew and blew the leaves from all of the trees but the ones that had the bird on. The kindness of the trees that sheltered the bird is never forgotten; for whilst others lose their leaves, those three always remain green.

An extract from A Year Full of Stories, by Angela McAllister, illustrated by Christopher Corr (Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, 2016)   

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