Top Ten Tuesday Freebie- Bookish Pet Peeves

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January 2018. It’s all about love of lists, love of literature and bringing bookish people together. 

This week’s Top Ten list is a Top Ten freebie! We’re allowed to create our own list or use an old topic. I thought I’d go for 10 Bookish Pet Peeves that I have, so here we go…

  1. Questionable second hand books– I am not a big fan of second hand books. I like my books to be pristine. I do hate it though when I do get a second hand book and there’s awful stains or horrible smells. Yuck!
  2. Breaking the spine of a book– When my Gran reads one of my books, she literally bends the spine right back. I hear it creak. Argh!
  3. Series that have millions (exaggeration!) of books– I don’t have time to commit to long series. I prefer to read standalone books these days.
  4. Too much detail– I like a bit of detail but I do like to use my imagination.
  5. Whiny characters– My eyes tend to hurt from rolling them too much.
  6. Mistakes in printed books/e-books– I completely understand when there are errors in an ARC, but when a book has gone through so much to be published, I find it frustrating when errors haven’t been picked up.
  7. People that say the printed book is dead– No, no it’s not. I hope it never is. I’m not old-fashioned because I prefer a real book.
  8. Controlling behaviour said to be romance– Ick. Just no. Controlling is controlling and it makes my skin crawl. It’s not romantic.
  9. Cover changes mid series- Why? I want them all to match!
  10. Student-teacher relationships– As a teacher myself this just sits uncomfortably with me.

Do we share any bookish pet peeves? Let me know! Also, feel free to link me to your Top Ten post so I can have a look at what you’ve done!

53 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday Freebie- Bookish Pet Peeves

  1. Lovely post as always, Chrissi! I agree with all of these! The teacher-student relationships don’t sit well with me at all, and mid-series cover changes + spine breaking hurts my very soul! Haha.

  2. That sound of the spine breaking is horrible lol. I’m like nooooo. And mistakes/ errors too. I always laugh cause editors always say revise revise revise and all that and sometimes I want to say edit edit edit. 🙂

  3. Ugh! Mid-series cover changes are the worst. I wish publisher’s wouldn’t do this. I was so not happy when the Winner’s Curse trilogy did this, but luckily they released the third book in the matching hardcover, too!

    Also, the million long series is one of my biggest pet peeves too.

    Thanks for the Finding Wonderland visit, Chrissi. 🙂

  4. I also hate student-teacher relationships! It makes me back out of reading a book so fast. And mistakes in printed books really annoy me too. Especially when there are multiple in one.

    Interestingly, I happen to love secondhand books! I don’t really want my books to be in pristine condition, I like them to look like I’ve read and loved them. I do hate questionable ones though. I’ve luckily barely every come across that.

  5. I 100% agree with 8 and 9! I must admit, I actually quite like student-teacher relationships but I have VERY strict criteria for it. I don’t like it in a contemporary book, it’s not appropriate at all, but I do quite like relationships between teachers and apprentices in fantasy novels, as long as both parties are above the age of consent and able to give consent. To be honest these relationships are difficult to do well, but I think the romance in Uprooted is the perfect example for me of when a student-teacher relationship works. As you’re a teacher, though, I can understand how it’s something that would make you uncomfortable!

  6. I agree with so many of these, Chrissi! My books need to be pristine. I don’t like used ones. After I read them, you can’t tell they’ve been read, never ever breaking the spine. If one comes back to me with a broken spine, a buy a new one or that book is dead to me completely. I can’t even look at it. 😂 ♥️

  7. I share similar pet peeves. I do get a lot of second hand books (love my library sales) but I hate it when I find that the book is marked up or stained. I usually try to inspect before buying but sometimes I totally miss it. I was so peeved when I found that what I thought was my pristine second hand copy of Chronicles of Narnia unabridged volume had a nasty stain on a few of the pages. Ugh!

  8. Yes to all of these. I cannot cope with people who literally break the spine. I do everything I can to try and protect that specific part of the book haha. Cover changes mid-series also bug me. I like consistency and I don’t see how a cover revamp is going to attract more readers, it just infuriates most of us. Student-teacher relationships are also a no for me. I just find it uncomfortable.

  9. Mid series cover changes are just the worst! You said it. I’m actually fine with messy old secondhand books, I enjoy knowing they’ve lived a full book life before I adopted them. But I can definitely see why stains would be annoying, haha.

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