Fairy/Folk Tale Friday- Uncle Martin

We’re getting festive here on Fairy Tale Friday. This story is set on Christmas Eve. Old Uncle Martin, the shoemaker, stepped out to look at the falling snow. He remembered how much he loved Christmas when his wife was alive and his children were young. He thought of the happy times they had. Even though he was alone, he said it was still a special day.

Uncle Martin went inside, lit his lamp and made some coffee. He took his Bible from the shelf and found the Christmas story. He read about how Jesus was born in a stable, because there was nowhere else for Mary and Joseph to stay. Uncle Martin thought about if they had come to him then he would’ve given up his won bed. He read about the wise men who brought gifts and realised he wouldn’t have had a gift for Jesus. He caught sight of a tiny pair of shoes on the shelf and decided that he would’ve given those as they were the finest shoes he had made.

That night, Uncle Martin dreamt that someone had come into his room. The voice told him that he had wished to see him and give him a gift. The voice told him that he should look for him tomorrow and he would come.

When Uncle Martin woke the next day, he knew it was Jesus that had spoken to him. He made his morning coffee and looked out to see if Jesus was coming. All he saw was the road sweeper, shovelling snow. Uncle Martin invited him in for some warmth and coffee. Uncle Martin told the man about his dream and the man hoped his dream would come true.

Uncle Martin then saw a family coming up the road carrying heavy bundles. Their clothes were thin, so he invited them into his house. The family explained that they were refugees that had to leave their country and now were travelling to their new home. The mother pulled back the cover on the bundle and there was a baby. Uncle Martin found some clothes that belonged to his wife and children, then he fetched a coat of his own for the father to wear. Uncle Martin told them about his dream and the family wished that it would come true. Uncle Martin remembered the tiny shoes and gave them to the mother for the baby.

All day, Uncle Martin waited for Jesus, he kept on doing good deeds whilst he waited. At the end of the day, Uncle Martin realised that it must’ve been a dream. Suddenly he was not alone. Each person he had helped appeared and whispered ‘Didn’t you see me?’. Uncle Martin realised that he had been visited by Jesus and he was made up! 🙂

Although I’m not a religious person, this story really touched my heart! ❤ A very Merry Christmas to all those that celebrate!

An extract from A Year Full of Stories, by Angela McAllister, illustrated by Christopher Corr (Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, 2016)   

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