Fairy Tale Friday- The Frog Prince

This story is such a well known classic, but it’s been a while since I read it. I was super happy to read it for this week’s fairy tale feature.

It centres around a lonely princess who was playing with her golden ball in the palace garden. A stag got in her way, causing her to miss the catch and lose her ball into a pond. The princess couldn’t even see a glimpse of it and started to cry. A frog jumped out of the water. She was repulsed as she didn’t like slimy creatures. Surprisingly, the frog opened its mouth to speak to her. It asked her why she was sad. The princess told her about the ball. The frog told her that if she promised to love him and let him sit at her table, eat from her plate, sip from her cup and sleep on her pillow then he’d get the all for her. The princess promised as the golden ball was such a special present from her father. Before long, the frog had retrieved the ball for her.

At supper the next day, the princess heard a croak at her feet. She was reminded of the promise she had made to the frog. Her father was puzzled and the princess had to tell her about her promise. He insisted that she had to keep the promise that she had made. The princess told her father that she couldn’t bear to pick the frog up. Her father was disappointed with her, so she did as she was asked. Each thing that she had promised, the princess had to do, even if it repulsed her.

The frog was sad the next morning and the princess couldn’t understand why. She had done everything that he had asked. She asked him why he was so sad and he questioned if she loved him. The princess realised much the frog had done for her, how he’d dived into the pond, how he’d searched for her and she’d treated him nastily. She scooped him up and saw his gentle eyes and kind heart. As she kissed his tiny green head, he transformed into a prince. The prince told her how he’d been under a spell and her love had set him free. The princess was so astonished. The prince thanked her for keeping her promise to him! (Even if it took her a while to see past his appearance!) ❤

An extract from A Year Full of Stories, by Angela McAllister, illustrated by Christopher Corr (Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, 2016)   

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