Fairy Tale Friday- The Mole’s Wedding

I had never heard this Korean tale before, so I looked forward to reading it for this week’s post.

It starts with a mention of a great stone statue that stood tall near the river Kingin. Nearby this river, lived a mole and his wife who had a daughter that they loved. A handsome young mole came to ask if he could marry their daughter, but the father told him that his daughter deserved to marry the greatest being in the world. His daughter was sad and asked who the greatest being in the world is. Her father replied that nothing was greater than the sun. The mole asked the sun to marry his daughter, but the sun replied that the Cloud could hide its face, so the Cloud was far greater.

The mole asked the Cloud to marry his daughter, and the Cloud said that Wind had more power. Mole asked Crane to fly him to the mountain peak to speak to the Wind. The Wind said that in fact, the great stone statue had more power because it was unable to be moved. Once again, the mole went to beg for marriage for his daughter. The statue told the mole that there was a creature that burrowed through the ground beneath him and that would knock him over one day.  Mole was surprised to come across the young mole beneath the statue and begged him for forgiveness. The handsome mole was happy to marry the daughter, but only if she agreed! She did and they had a wonderful wedding. The wind blew the clouds away from the sun so that it could shine down on the river and create a wonderful day for them!

Aw, so cute!

An extract from A Year Full of Stories, by Angela McAllister, illustrated by Christopher Corr (Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, 2016)   

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