Funny Things My Class Say #1

I’ve mentioned before, but working with children is hilarious. Don’t get me wrong, my life as a teacher can be very hard and incredibly stressful. However, they often come out with little gems, so I thought I’d document the ones that make me want to laugh out loud. I hope you like this feature!

When looking at a picture of a cow’s udders:

‘That cow has a lot of winkies!’

  • In conversation with me about a pregnant member of staff:

Child: ‘She looks really pregnant today!’

Me: ‘She does!’

Child: ‘You look pregnant a lot, but it’s just a water baby because you drink so much water!’

  • When reading a book about a mermaid with tentacles

Child: ‘I didn’t know mermaids had testicles.’

Me: ‘TENT-acles!’

Child: ‘Oh…’

  • When discussing changes in our lives

Me: So what changes can happen in our lives?

Child: Puberty!

Me: Yes, you’re right, that is a change!

Child: What about those tadpoles that go in the girl?

Me: Woah, yes… moving on!

  • When asking a question in the playground…

Child: I feel weird.

Me: Why?

Child: I was told that a baby came out of a girl’s bum!

Me: I can assure you…it doesn’t!

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