Fairy/Folk Tale Friday- The Eagle And The Wren

My retelling/review of this tale comes from my Illustrated Treasury of Scottish Folk and Fairy Tales by Theresa Breslin and Kate Leiper. The tale is set in the Western Isles of the beautiful Hebridean Islands that lie off the coast of Scotland. 

This cute little story centres around an eagle and a little wren. They begin to talk one day.

The eagle tells the wren that he is the greatest bird of the skies. The wren wondered what made the eagle so special. The eagle preened and showed off his wings. However, the wren insisted that having magnificent wings doesn’t make them the greatest bird of all. The eagle insisted that he was also the greatest bird because he could rise higher in the sky than any other bird. Again, the wren wasn’t sure about that either. The eagle challenged the wren to rise further than him. He rose up in the air and asked where the wren was… the wren had risen above him. The wren told the eagle how he could see further than him. They both pointed out landmarks in Scotland that they could see, each pushing the other higher and higher.

The mighty eagle was furious that the tiny wren could see so far. The tiny wren explained that he could see further as he was nestled in the eagle’s fur!

I loved this little tale!

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