The A-Z Of Me- Part 2

I came across this post through Nicki. The original post comes from Splodz and The Urban Wanderer. Like Nicki, I thought I’d split this post too, so it didn’t become too long. Here are my answers! To look at A-M please check my first post HERE.

N is for Naples. I’d like to visit one day.

Picture from Getty Images

O is for outdoor learning. Something I’m passionate about in my teaching.

P is for pyjamas. I love getting comfy in my pjs and reading!

Q is for quirky. I love the word. I love teaching children that are a little bit quirky!

R is for rabbit. One of my favourite animals.

S is for sloth. They’re so cute. Don’t deny it.

T is for theatre. Another passion of mine.

U is for university. I’ve been twice (or three times if you count dropping out of a PhD!)

V is for variety. I feel like the range of books I read now is much more diverse than it used to be.

W is for walking. So far this year, I’ve walked over 100 miles. I do it to increase my fitness and clear my mind.

X is for xylophone! Ha. This is such a stupid one, but I used to love to ‘play’ the xylophone when I was at primary school.

Y is for YALC. I’ve been two times to this book convention in London. It was a big achievement for me because I feel very uncomfortable in crowds.

Z is for zany. Another word I love. Why don’t we use that word more often? I can tell you that I teach a few zany children at the moment!

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