A Week In The Life Of A Primary School Teacher- A Weird Vibe

Every Sunday (hopefully) I shall be posting a personal post about my life as a primary school teacher. I currently work at a primary school teaching 7-9 year olds. I have worked for two years with 6-7 years, 1 year with 7-9 and now I’m returning to my favourite age! My training posts on this subject were really successful and so therapeutic for me, therefore I’ve decided to continue posting on the topic. I will not be naming any children, or the school where I work. If personal posts aren’t your thing then feel free to skip these posts. I won’t mind! Bookish goodness returns as normal Monday-Saturday!

Another week has flown by! It’s been a really strange week this week. There’s quite a few unhappy people at work at the moment and I’m one of those people that sucks in emotion around me. Guess I’ve got to learn to shake it off and focus on me more.

However, my class have been WONDERFUL. I can’t believe that I’m in the last term with them. They constantly make me laugh (and tear my hair out…they’re far from perfect) and this week within our class walls, we’ve had a great time. We have been working on an assessed piece of independent writing and so many of them have made massive progress. I think when I get back to work (day off tomorrow-woohoo!) I might photocopy their first piece and their current piece of work to send home to parents. As you’re teaching them 5 days a week, you don’t often see the progress until you directly compare. I like doing that because it confirms to me that they have moved on, even if I’m still picking them up on simple errors! *rolls eyes*

I’m a bit nervous about work this week, because I want to speak to my headteacher about something I’d like to do to further progress in my career. I’m so awkward though. I build it up to be a massive event and then it’s usually fine. More on that next week, if I can find the guts to speak to her! 🙂

Let’s hope for another positive week! 🙂

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