Chrissi Chat- Where I’m at!

I haven’t been posting daily for the last week or so. I’m in a bit of a funk with blogging at the moment. I still absolutely adore it, but after 6 years of posting daily (I’ve only ever missed a few days in those 6 years) I’m getting a bit… not fed up, but uninspired. I’ve made the decision to blog when I want to blog. I’ve finished a book recently and not reviewed it and usually that would bug me, but why should it? Why can’t I just blog when I want to blog? The answer is… I can! It’s up to me when I blog. If my views go down… does it really affect my life? No. It’s taken me a long time to get to this point, but I’m pleased I’m there. It takes the pressure off reading. That review will still be coming out but when I’m in the mood to write it.

The fact is, balancing full time teaching and full time blogging is HARD. I don’t know how I’ve managed it. I’ve had a really stressful year with work and worrying about my blog didn’t really help my mental health. I’ve been honest about my struggles with anxiety and something has to give until I’m in a happier place mentally. Work is massively affecting my mental health and I don’t need blog stress to add to it.

I will still be visiting your blogs, but it might be during a binge reading session. I can’t come online daily and be on WordPress and not blog (I feel guilty!) so I’ll probably read your posts when I’m online. I still support and love my blogging friends.

This isn’t a post saying I’m giving up blogging. I’m not. I’ll just blog when I want to and read when I want to. My blog, my rules!


30 thoughts on “Chrissi Chat- Where I’m at!

  1. Absolutely, Chrissi. There’s quite a few books – audio and reading – that I’ve not reviewed. I hardly do anything at the weekend now. It’s not fun when you have to push yourself to do things x

  2. Like Kerrie says, it’s indeed funny how much pressure we put on ourselves and why? Above all this is supposed to be fun and when it isn’t, you make changes or quit. I often read books that I don’t review. It makes me feel a little naughty but definitely not guilty anymore. I am constantly in awe of people like you with demanding full-time jobs who even find the time to read and blog. I am home all day and struggle from time to time. Do what’s right for you! 😘

    • Yes! I’m not up for quitting because I do enjoy blogging, but I definitely need to make changes and not daily blogging is a massive one. I was ill a year ago or so and I felt awful because I didn’t have any posts up. No way should I feel like that! 🙂 Thank you for your lovely comment.

  3. I blogged almost everyday during first year of blogging but now I don’t. I publish 4 or max 5 post a week including reviews, tours and meme. And I try to read posts for 1 or 2 hours a day. I cover as many blogs as I can but if I can’t, I don’t stress over it. I check them whenever I get time. We all have life outside WordPress and it needs more attention.

  4. It took me a long time to realise I could blog when I wanted. Until then I was all or nothing, feeling if I didn’t keep a tight schedule I shouldn’t blog at all. Now I’m much less uptight about it x

  5. That sounds like the right decision to make. I gave up trying to post on a schedule a long while ago now and I enjoy blogging so much more as a result. I also don’t read blogs every day, I do it as and when I can, or when I’m just in the mood for a good catch up. I try to make time a couple of times a week to comment on posts but if I don’t manage it then it’s one of those things, and I think ultimately everyone understands because we’re all in the same boat. x

  6. Posting DAILY?? Holy crap! There’s no way I could keep that up. I consider it good if I post 2-3 times per week! Of course my stats probably also reflect that…hehe. Definitely take the time for yourself, take some of the pressure off!

    • Thank you! I think they’ll still be around, but just not daily. I don’t want to say 3-4 because that’s putting pressure on myself. They’ll just happen when they do! 🙂 I’ll still be reading your reviews ❤

  7. It’s your blog and you should do what is best for you! Blogging shouldn’t be a chore and I’m not sure why we put so much pressure on ourselves to blog daily… I really should follow your lead and try to relax in the upcoming months. Enjoy your time off and I’ll be looking forward to see your posts when you’re ready. ❤ xx

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  9. I never know how people keep up with ARC reviews and the like!! At the beginning of blogging, I knew that kind of pressure wasn’t for me. This way I just read what I want, blog when I feel like it, and try to keep everything at the “enjoyable hobby” level haha Good luck finding your balance!!!

  10. I commend you for posting daily for the past 6 years, that couldn’t have been easy. I like what you said about your blog, your rules, be easy on yourself. Enjoy your change of schedule, Chrissi and good luck x

  11. You already know my feelings on this sis and I’m so glad that you’re feeling happier with your decision. When it starts to feel stressful, it’s a sign that things need to change. When you feel that sense of relief you know you’ve made the right decision. Speaking from personal experience too – haha! 😘

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