A Week In The Life Of A Primary School Teacher- It’s been a week…

Every Sunday (hopefully) I shall be posting a personal post about my life as a primary school teacher. I currently work at a primary school teaching 7-9 year olds. I have worked for 2 years with 6-7 years, 2 years with 7-9 and I’m now starting the third year of teaching 7-9 years old. My training posts on this subject were really successful and so therapeutic for me, therefore I’ve decided to continue posting on the topic. I will not be naming any children, or the school where I work. If personal posts aren’t your thing then feel free to skip these posts. I won’t mind! Bookish goodness returns as normal Monday-Saturday!

So, I have now had my class for just over a week and I’m pleased to report…they’re adorable and SO well behaved. I was so tentative last week because usually new classes are good for a bit and then their true colours start to shine through. Ha! Don’t get me wrong, they’re not perfect (they are children… they are occasionally chatty and loud!) but 90% of the time they are on task, quiet and focused. They’ve been a pleasure to teach so far.

This week we started our proper lessons. We had a settling in period and then have started our academic timetable this week. They’ve adapted well. I have a few potential slow workers but on the whole, they’ve been fabulous. I’m not used to a quiet class when they’re working. It’s lovely…if a little disturbing. I’m so used to telling my class to be quiet so often! I should make the most of the peace and quiet. I find it amazing that they’re not following me around the room asking me for help, or by my side when I’m teaching a small group. They sit quietly and put their hand up if they’re stuck. I’m not complaining. It’s just disconcerting for them to be so good and so focused early in the school year.

One thing I’ve noticed about my class this year is how well they get on. They’re so lovely to each other and incredibly supportive of one another. I teach a mixed year group so I have 15 Year 3 (7-8 year olds) and 15 Year 4 (8-9 year olds) and the older children are taking care of the younger ones. It is the sweetest thing. I feel blessed to have such a sweet class. Long may their awesome attitude continue!

I have an observation in Maths this coming week. I’m nervous about that, but hopefully everything goes okay! I shall let you know..

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