Hey! Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

Some bookish facts about me

  • I’ve been an avid reader since before I went to school. I went to school at 4 years old!
  • I read almost every genre. Variety is the spice of life.
  • I have a Kindle, but I prefer to read a real book.
  • I’m a fast reader.
  • I work in a school, so I have a lot of holiday time to read.

My blog

  • I’ve been book blogging since December 2012
  • I try to have a review or feature published daily.
  • I try to reply to every comment. I love engaging with other readers.
  • My blog isn’t just book reviews. It’s full of weekly memes, discussion posts and collaborations with other bloggers which could be a review or another fun feature.
  • The synopsis I use in reviews is often taken from Goodreads/Amazon. Book images are taken from Goodreads unless otherwise stated.
  • I don’t get paid for any of my reviews. If I have been given a copy of a book by a publisher or via NetGalley, it will clearly state this on the review.
  • My blog is often way behind my reading. I often have reviews scheduled. I find it takes pressure off myself during busy times!
  • I’m open to author requests, but please state clearly in your email/request if you need the book by a certain date, as I have other commitments, both with the blog and work/life. I need to know if you have a deadline.  My contact details can be found HERE.   

Connect with me

Just a side note, as lovely as it is to be thought of for blog awards, this blog is an award free zone because I just don’t have the time with every day work and demands!

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