This Week In Books #108

I am joining in with the lovely Lipsy from Lipsy’s Lost and Found’s feature which highlights our week in books. I shall be sharing what I’m reading now, then and next! I won’t be showcasing my new books as I do that on a Saturday. I’m really excited by this feature as I loved sharing my recent reads. My book reviews published on my blog are often WAY behind what I’m actually reading, so this is a good feature to keep you up to date!

Book images go to Goodreads!

RatBurger The Stranger In My Home The Escape

NOW- Ratburger- David Walliams– I’m just about to start Ratburger for my kid-lit feature with my sister, Beth.

THENThe Stranger In My HomeAdele Parks– This book took me a week to read! I thought it was okay, but not amazing.

NEXTThe EscapeC.L Taylor– I had to squeeze Ratburger in before The Escape. I’m looking forward to this one!

What are you reading this week? Let me know!


Frequently Used Words In YA Titles

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January 2018. It’s all about love of lists, love of literature and bringing bookish people together. 

This week it’s all about those frequently used words in a certain genre. I decided to do YA, since I read a lot of it!

I imagine The would be the most popular word, but I’m just going to think about books that I’ve read and not analyse it too much. Mainly because I just don’t have the patience or the intelligence 😉 to do it properly!

In no particular order:

  1. Love

  2. Girl

  3. She

  4. Me

  5. One

  6. Last

  7. Boy

  8. Sister

  9. You

  10.  I

This post was really fun to put together. It was fun to see how many YA books quite often have these words in!

Let me look at your words this week! Feel free to leave a link to your post and I’ll stop by!

Wrap Up Post- 5 Potential 5 Stars on my TBR #2

Welcome to my second wrap up post for this little feature inspired by one of my sister’s favourite book-tubers Mercedes from Mercy’s Bookish Musings 

Mercedes posted a video trying to predict which five books would get the five star treatment in her TBR. She then wrapped up with a video to see if her predictions were correct. I picked 5 books that I thought I might give 5 stars and since I have now read them I thought I’d let you know if I was right!

Click on the book image to learn more about the book and the link below the book to find my review!

They Both Die At The End- Adam Silvera

They Both Die at the End

This book totally lived up to my expectations. I thought it was heart-breaking. A massive 5 stars from me.

Bad Romance- Heather Demetrios

Bad Romance

Incredible book. Just incredible. So raw. A 5 star rating from me!

A List Of Cages- Robin Roe

A List of Cages

Another 5 star read. Wow. I didn’t expect this book to be as intense as it was.

The Heart’s Invisible Furies- John Boyne

The Heart's Invisible Furies

Loved it, but it didn’t quite make that 5 for me. A solid 4 stars.

Sky Chasers- Emma Carroll

Sky Chasers

I loved it as expected but it didn’t completely capture my heart! 4 stars!

3/5 isn’t bad right? I read some great books and no horrendous let downs. Always a bonus in my eyes!

A Week In The Life Of A Primary School Teacher- No Work Weekend

Every Sunday (hopefully) I shall be posting a personal post about my life as a primary school teacher. I currently work at a primary school teaching Year 2 (6-7 year olds). My training posts on this subject were really successful and so therapeutic for me, therefore I’ve decided to continue posting on the topic. I will not be naming any children, or the school where I work. If personal posts aren’t your thing then feel free to skip these posts. I won’t mind! Bookish goodness returns as normal Monday-Saturday!

This week, I returned to work after a glorious two weeks off for Easter. I spent so much time reading, which is what I feel I really needed to do. I was happy to be back, I was missing the routine and the children as well. For some reason, I have had a very up and down week. I think some of it is was due to not getting a lot of sleep this week. I have had a lot on my mind because in the Summer term, we find out where we’re going to be in September. I am desperate to go back to juniors, but I don’t know if it’s going to happen.

As my week was so wobbly, I decided to readdress the balance and have a no work weekend! I know….2015 me would have laughed at the thought of a no work weekend. I needed it though. I literally spent most of yesterday sleeping. I don’t regret one single moment. I think because I was so organised with my planning, I could afford to take it easy this weekend. I’m catching up with friends today which is lovely!

I’ve definitely learned this weekend that I need to put more of these no work weekends in. I potentially have a very tricky week coming up with some meetings that could be hard-going, pupil progress meetings and a school trip!

Sky Chasers

Sky Chasers

How did I get it?
I bought it!

Previously reviewed by the same author:


An encounter with a boy dangling from the sky changes pickpocket Magpie’s life forever. His family, the Montgolfiers, are desperate to discover the secret of flight. Together with Pierre, Magpie is caught up in a world of inflatable bloomers, spies and unruly animals in a race to be the first to fly a hot air balloon – in front of the King and Queen of France.


You might look at my previously read by the same author section and infer that I’m quite the fan of Emma Carroll. You’d be right. She’s one of my favourite authors. I always know that I’m in for a decent read when I pick up a book of Emma’s. I really enjoyed reading Sky Chasers and yet it again, it has me yearning to be in Key Stage 2 once more so I can teach it/read it to my class! They’re a little young this year for this book but it didn’t stop me thinking of the ways that this book could be used educatively.

This book comes from an idea by Neal Jackson who was the winner of Chicken House’s The Big Idea Competition. What an idea it was! Sky Chasers is a story that centres around the Montgolfier family. They are part of the race to discover the secret of flight. Alongside pickpocket Magpie, they begin to create a hot air balloon. They need to take it to King Louis XVI.  However, their mission is not easy and they have many obstacles in the way like spies and misbehaving animals.

This story is so much fun and I imagine children would be completely captivated by the tale. I know I was! Emma Carroll’s writing style is simply wonderful and always catapults the reader right into the action. I’ve mentioned before that it feels like you’re inside the story watching the action unfold.

Magpie is a wonderful female character. We’re always looking for strong female leads to inspire our girls at school because quite often it’s a strong male lead. Magpie had gone through so much. She experiences the loss of both parents and has to learn to live and survive on her own. There are some other brilliant characters who are so well developed. I immediately enjoy reading about characters in an Emma Carroll book because they’re well written and incredibly three dimensional.

It didn’t take me long to read this beautiful book! I definitely see myself using it if I ever get back to Key Stage 2. Until then I’ll highly recommend it to my junior colleagues.

Would I recommend it?:
Of course!

A wonderful read! Highly recommended!

Fairy Tale Friday – The Shoemaker and The Dragon

This week’s fairy tale is a Polish story. It centres around King Krak who lived in a castle on the top of a hill. King Krak’s kingdom was not a happy one. Down in the kingdom below, there was a terrifying dragon called Smok Wawelski.

Smok Wawelski terrified everyone. He stole cattle, set fire to houses and took people back to his lair. Brave men tried to fight Smok, but they couldn’t get close enough without being burned to cinders. Princess Wanda offered her hand in marriage to anyone who could defeat the dragon.

Many men arrived desperate to marry the princess. But everyone ended up meeting the same fate. A clever shoemaker watched others fail and decided that he would venture out to buy some sulphur. The miner told him to be careful with it. The shoemaker bought three dead sheep and filled their stomachs with sulphur. Then he stitched them up and put them on his cart.

The sheep were pushed right infront of the dragon’s lair. He hurried out of sight but watched for Smok. Smok soon found the sheep and took a bite, then devoured the three sheep. Smok went back to his lair to rest. Moments later, Smok came out desperate for water, but no matter how much he drank he couldn’t stop the fiery feeling in his belly. He got bigger and bigger until he exploded.

At once, people came running and realised what the shoemaker had done. He got to marry Princess Wanda!

Next Fairy Tale- Rabbit and Crab

White Lies

White Lies

How did I get it?:
NetGalley- thanks to Bookouture

Previously reviewed by the same author:
The Daughter


Alexandra Inglis is a respected family doctor, trusted by her patients to keep their most intimate secrets. And if sometimes the boundaries between duty and desire blur… well, she’s only human. 

But when Alex oversteps a line with Jonathan, one of her patients, she knows she’s gone too far. Jonathan is obsessive, and to get what he wants he will tear Alex’s world apart – threatening not only her career but her marriage and family too. 

Soon Alex finds she’s capable of doing almost anything to keep hold of her perfect life, as it begins to spin dangerously out of her control… 


I thoroughly enjoyed Lucy Dawson’s The Daughter so when I read about White Lies, I immediately wanted to read it. Luckily for me, the lovely people over at Bookouture approved my request to read it. This book immediately grabbed my attention. I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t had to go out I would have devoured it quicker than the 24 hours it took me to read it!

It centres around Alex who is a GP who loves her job. She’s respected within her practice and by those that work with her. Alex knows the ethics behind relationships with patients, having had experience in the past with her now husband. On a girly holiday with her friends, Alex sleeps with a young man. She never expected him to turn up in her office. He says she knows who he was. She says she’s never seen him before or has no recollection of seeing him before. After all, she sees so many patients a day. The story turns into a he said, she said, with many points of view and parts of the story. I really couldn’t put it down!

It’s so hard to review a book like this without giving too much away. It’s one of those that you want to discover as the story reveals itself. I don’t think I’ve ever jumped around so much with who was telling the truth. I really didn’t know who to believe. I wanted to believe Alex, but then Jonathan, the young man in question, made me think again. Also Alex’s previous history didn’t really help her case. I loved the uncertainty of the story though, I really did. It kept me desperately turning the pages!

I thought I had got to the truth, but I hadn’t. It took the last few pages for me to work it out which I loved. I really enjoyed the fast paced style and how nothing was straight forward. It read like a testimonial which was very interesting. There were twists along the way and a whole lot of doubt. I love that in this type of read. This is a book that will stay with me for a while!

Would I recommend it?:
Of course!

I love it when you can’t work out characters! A fabulous read!