Beat The Backlist 2019

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This year I’ve decided to switch things up a little and work out my backlist books using Novel Knight’s Beat The Backlist Challenge.

From Novel Knight’s blog:

This reading challenge is dedicated to reading books off your TBR! There are only a few guidelines:

The books have to be published in the prior year or earlier, meaning that for the 2019 challenge, any book published in 2018 or earlier counts!

You have to start and finish the book during the challenge year to count it which basically means that any books you start in 2018 or any books you finish in 2020 wouldn’t count. Otherwise, as long as you start and finish the book in 2019, it’s good to go!

This is a year-long challenge and you can join at ANY time!

That’s it! YOU pick your TBR, YOU set your own goal. Read what you want when you want.

I’m also going to be earning points for my Hogwarts house- Hufflepuff! Each book that I read from my backlist will earn points for Hufflepuff. Find out more HERE.


I’m going to link up the books I read from my backlist on this page. So check back for details!

Broken Things– Lauren Oliver (2018)
Magic Under Stone– Jaclyn Dolamore (2012)
Save The Date– Morgan Matson (2018)