Fairy Tale Friday- The Shirt Collar

I quite enjoyed this week’s fairy tale which was short and sweet. It was about a gentleman’s collar. Random, I know, but it made me smile. The gentleman’s collar is incredibly confident and boastful. He flirts and proposes to very lady-object he meets including a garter and a pair of scissors. He lies about what he has got. Finally, the collar gets his comeuppance when he ends up in a rag pile. Unfortunately, the collar is made into a piece of paper. The very piece of paper that his story is told upon!

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Fairy Tale Friday- The Child In The Grave

Well, here’s another sad one from Hans Christian Andersen! The Child In The Grave centres around a grieving mother, who has lost her four year old son. Understandably, the mother was consumed by her grief. She couldn’t accept that her child was dead. On the day of the funeral, the mother was desperate to see her child. Her husband said it would be hard as they had already nailed down the coffin.

Days after the funeral passed with the mother visiting her child’s grave. The mother is visited by Death who offers her the opportunity to see her child. She’d need courage to go with him though. The mother hears her son’s voice. He talked of how beautiful the world was for him. The mother saw nothing but darkness. Her son reminds her of what she has left behind- a husband and two sisters, He explains that he is happy where he is and that the bells of Heaven were ringing for him. As the child vanishes, the mother finds herself lying on her child’s grave.

The mother returns home, feeling blessed by God and reassured by the happiness of her son.

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Fairy Tale Friday- The Story Of A Mother

This week’s fairy tale is The Story Of A Mother.  I found this one to be quite a sad tale! 😦 It centres around a mum caring for her sick child. An old man enters the room for outside in the cold. This isn’t just any old man. It’s Death and he takes her child whilst she’s resting. The mother is determined to get her child back, so she goes after Death. Along the way, she meets things that demand something from her in return for their help. Night demands that she should sing, a rosebush takes her heart’s blood, a lake takes her eyes (leaving the woman blind) and a woman who guards Death’s greenhouse takes away her beautifully long hair. 😦 Depressing, hey?

Death returns to his greenhouse to pull up some flowers. Flowers that represent the souls he’s taken. The mother tries to prevent him from taking her child’s soul, but Death explains to the mother that he’s only doing God’s will. He explains to her that her child would’ve suffered during his lifetime, which the mother accepts. She prays to God to carry out his will and to look after her child in heaven. 😦

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Fairy Tale Friday- The Puppet Showman

This week’s fairy tale is also known as The Puppeteer. It tells the story of a puppeteer and a student who are having a pretty intense conversation that will change the puppeteer’s life. The puppeteer wishes that all of his puppets were alive. Somehow the student makes the wish come true. However, all of the puppets rebel against the puppeteer and end up killing the puppeteer. It turns out to have been a dream, but was it really? This is an intriguing little story which didn’t take long to read! I love the darker edge that classic fairy tales have!

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Fairy Tale Friday- The Pen and The Inkstand

This fairy tale is also known as The Pen and The Inkwell. It centres around a pen and an inkwell having a conversation all about who is the true source of the poetry that comes from both of them. The poet, being clever, uses them to write a poem praising God as the creator of all. However, this poem is totally lost on the pen and the inkwell who don’t realise that the poet believes it is God creating inspiration for poetry,

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Fairy Tale Friday- The Snow Queen

I thought I knew the story of The Snow Queen, but it wasn’t until I read this version that I realised I’d never read the original. The story is told in seven parts. So here’s some summing up.

The first thing that happens is that the devil makes a mirror that makes everything good and beautiful, evil and ugly. The mirror happens to break when it’s carried up to heaven to make fun of God. The splinters and glass shards fall over the Earth. If you end up with a bit in your eye, it makes everything distorted. A bit in your heart means that your heart will turn to ice (Frozen, anyone?)

Then there’s Kai and Gerda who are neighbours. They always play together. Grandmother tells Kai and Gerda about the Snow Queen. The Snow Queen appears during snowstorms. Kai gets parts of the evil mirror in his eyes and heart, therefore he begins to be mean to Gerda. Kai ties a sled to a bigger sled which belongs to the Snow Queen. The Snow Queen is so beautiful. She kisses him and Kai no longer feels the cold.

Gerda goes looking for Kai. She throws her shoes into the river in case the river had claimed Kai. However, she ends up floating along the river until she reaches an old woman’s garden. The old woman cares for Gerda and treats her like her own. All of the flowers tell Gerda stories. They believe that Kai is not dead because they haven’t seen him underground! Gerda continues to look for Kai.

Next, a crow tells Gerda about a boy with shining hair who she’s convinced is Kai. She’s heard he has married a princess. Gerda goes to the palace, expecting to find Kai, but it’s a prince doesn’t know. The prince and princess feel sorry for Gerda, so they give her a carriage and send her on her way.

Unfortunately, having a beautiful carriage attracts robbers. They attack the carriage and kill everyone but Gerda. A robber girl takes a liking to Gerda and keeps her. When Gerda discusses Kai, the girl decides to let her go and puts her on a reindeer who can take her to where the Snow Queen lives.

The reindeer stops at the hut of a woman who sends them to a Finnish woman. The Finnish woman tells the reindeer to take Gerda to the Snow Queen’s garden. She tells the reindeer that Gerda’s innocence will be her strength. When Gerda walks into the garden, tiny angels appear to warm her and defend her from the Snow Queen’s guards.

When Gerda shows up at the Snow Queen’s palace, she weeps on him and her tears melt the ice splinters in his eyes and heart. Kai and Gerda go home encountering the women, the girl and the reindeer again. When they finally got home, they found out they had turned into adults!

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Fairy Tale Friday-Five Peas From The Same Pod

I never find it unusual now when I come across a fairy tale from Hans Christian Andersen that’s a little quirky. This week’s fairy tale centred around five peas in the pod. These peas are wondering what’ll happen to them, when a human opens their pod. All five peas scatter to different parts of the room. One of the peas happens to roll into a crack in the window. It starts to sprout and catches the eye of a sick girl. All of the other peas from the pod are eaten by birds or roll into the gutter. However, the pea in the crack in the window, is saved by the girl. It grows up and makes the girl happy and healthy!

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