Reviews By Author

Here you can find all of my reviews listed by author!


Abedi, C.J- Fae

Adams, Emma L

Adams, Richard- Watership Down

Addison, Garrett- The Traveller

Adler, Dahlia- Behind The Scenes

Adrian, Emily- Like It Never Happened

Aesop- Aesop’s Fables

Ahern, Cecelia-

Ahmed, Samira- Love, Hate And Other Filters

Aiken, Joan-

Ainsworth, Eve-

Albertalli, Becky-


Albertson, Albert- The Snow Queen

Alcock, Vivian- The Cuckoo Sister

Alcott, Louisa May- Little Women

Alderson, Sarah- The Sound

Aldin, Lisa- One of The Guys

Alender, Katie-

Alexander, Aimee- The Accidental Life of Greg Millar

Alexie, Sherman- The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian (as part of a banned books feature)

Alire Saenz, Benjamin- Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe

Allan, Claire-

Allyn, Anya- Dollhouse

Alisaid, Ali-

Altebrando, Tara- Roomies

Alvarez, Julia- In The Time Of The Butterflies

Amelie, Fisher- Vain

Anastasiu, Heather- Girl Last Seen

Anaya, Rudolfo- Bless Me, Ultima (as part of a Banned Books feature)

Anderson, Jodi Lynn- The Moment Collector

Andrews, Jesse- Me and Earl and The Dying Girl

Angelou, Maya- I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings (as part of a Banned Books feature)

Anonymous- Go Ask Alice (as part of a banned books feature, author is also known as Beatrice Sparks)

Aristophanes- Lysistrata

Arlidge, M.J- Eeny Meeny

Armentrout, Jennifer. L-

Asher, Jay- Thirteen Reasons Why

Ashford, Lindsay- The Mysterious Death of Miss Austen

Ashton, Brodi-

Austen, Jane- Sense and Sensibility


Baart, Nicole- Sleeping In Eden

Backman, Fredrik- A Man Called Ove

Baker, Jo- Longbourn

Baily, Virginia- Early One Morning

Bain Murphy, Emily- The Disappearances

Bandeira, Isabel- Bookishly Ever After

Barclay, Linwood- No Safe Place

Barker, Hayley-

Barnard, Joanna- Hush Little Baby

Barnard, Sara-

Barnes, Jennifer Lynn- The Naturals

Bardugo, Leigh-

The Grisha Trilogy

Six of Crows

Barrington, Bernice- Sisters and Lies

Barr, Emily- The One Memory of Flora Banks

Barton, Fiona-

Bates, Marni- Decked With Holly 

Baxter, Caroline- Pilot Jane and The Runaway Plane

Bechdel, Alison- Fun Home (as part of a banned books feature)

Begbie, Hannah- Mother

Bell, Alex-


Bell, Cece- El Deafo

Bennett, Sophia-

Benway, Robin-

Benwell, Sarah- The Last Leaves Falling

Bernard, Romily- Find Me

Beyer, Sam- Idiopathy

Bhathena, Tanaz- A Girl Like That

Bivaldi, Katarina- The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend

Bjork, Samuel- I’m Traveling Alone

Black, Holly- The Coldest Girl In Coldtown

Black, Yelena- Dance Of Shadows

Blackhurst, Jenny- The Foster Child

Blackman, Malorie-

Blake, Kendare-

Blake, Tamara- Slumber

Blankman, Anne-

Blume, Judy-

Blyton, Enid- The Enchanted Wood

Boland, Shalini- The Silent Sister

Bourne, Holly-


The Spinster Club 

Boyle Crompton, Laurie- Blaze

Boyne, John-

Braffet, Kelly- Save Yourself

Brannen, Sarah. S- Uncle Bobby’s Wedding (as part of a banned books feature)

Bray, Carys- A Song For Issy Bradley

Bray, Libba- Beauty Queens

Brennan Rosenberg, Mark- Eating My Feelings

Briggs, Andy- The Inventory: Iron Fist

Brooke, Amanda- Another Way To Fall

Brookes, Ben- Grow Up

Brown, Jennifer-

Brownlee, Lucie- Life After You

Bruce, Terri-

Burt, Alexandra- Little Girl Gone

Burton, Jessie-

Busby, Sian- A Commonplace Killing

Byrne, Paula- Look To Your Wife

Byrne, Tanya-


Camden, Steven- Tape

Cannon, Joanna-

Carriger, Gail- Etiquette and Espionage

Carroll, Emma-

Carroll, Lewis-

Carter, Ally-

Gallagher Girls 

I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have To Kill You

Embassy Row

Casale, Alexia-

Cash, Wiley- This Dark Road To Mercy

Cass, Kiera-

Cassidy, Anne-

Looking For JJ

Murder Notebooks

No Virgin


Celona, Marjorie- Y

Chamberlain, Diane- Fire and Rain

Chan, Crystal- Bird

Charaipotra, Sona- Tiny Pretty Things

Charman, Katrina- Poppy’s Place

Chbosky, Stephen- The Perks of Being A Wallflower (as part of a Banned Books feature)

Cherry, Alison- Red

Cheshire, Simon- Flesh and Blood

Chevalier, Tracy- The Last Runaway

Choo, Yangsze- The Ghost Bride

Christie, Michael- If I Fall, If I Die

Christopher, Lucy-

Clare, Cassandra- Clockwork Angel

Clark-Platts, Alice- The Flower Girls

Clarke, Angela

Clarke, Cat-

Clarke, Lucy- The Sea Sisters

Clayton, Dhonielle- Tiny Pretty Things

Cleave, Chris- Gold

Cline, Emma- The Girls

Clipston, Amy- Destination Unknown

Cloke, Nicci-

Coelho, Paulo- The Alchemist

Cohen, Julie-

Cohn, Rachel-

Colbert, Brandy- Pointe

Coleman, K.A Living In The Aftermath

Coleman, Rowan-

Coley, Liz- Pretty Girl 13

Conaghan, Brian-

Condie, Ally- Matched

Cook, Eileen- With Malice

Cook, Trish- A Really Awesome Mess

Cooner, D- Can’t Look Away

Cooney, Caroline B.-

Copleton, Jackie- A Dictionary of Mutual Understanding

Corey Whaley, John-

Coriell, Shelley-

Corry, Jane-

Cormier, Robert- The Chocolate War (as part of a banned books feature)

Cousins, Dave- 15 Days Without A Head

Craft, Kathryn- The Art of Falling

Craighead George, Jean- Julie Of The Wolves (as part of a Banned Books feature)

Crane, Rebekah- The Upside Of Falling Down

Croft, Kathryn- The Girl With No Past

Cross, Gillian- ‘

Cross, Mason- The Samaritan

Crossan, Sarah-

Crowley, Cath- Words In Deep Blue

Crowley, Siobhan-

Crouch, Julia- Her Husband’s Lover

Cuisick, John M- Girl Parts

Culbertson, Kim- The Wonder Of Us

Curham, Siobhan-

Curtis Klause, Annette- Blood and Chocolate (as part of a Banned Books feature)

Czukas, Liz- Ask Again Later


Dahl, Roald-

Daly, Paula-

Daugherty, C.J- Night School

David, Keren-

Davis, Ben-

Davis, Katie- Dancing With The Devil

Dawson, Juno-

(Under James Dawson)

Dawson, Lucy-

Day, Elizabeth- The Party

Day Penaflor, Lydia- All Of This Is True

Daykin, Chloe- Fish Boy

de Haan, Linda- King & King (as part of a Banned Books feature)

Dean, Sierra- Autumn

Deegan, Denise-

Dellaira, Ava- Love Letters To The Dead

Demetrios, Heather-

Dessen, Sarah- That Summer

Dennard, Susan-

DeStefano, Lauren-

The Chemical Gardens Trilogy

The Internment Chronicles

DeVos, Kelly- Fat Girl On A Plane

Diamond, Katerina- The Promise

Dickens, Charles- Oliver Twist

Dillon, Glyn- The Nao Of Brown

Dixon, Heather- Entwined

Doherty, Nicola-

Dolamore, Jaclyn-

Doughty, Louise- Apple Tree Yard

Douglas, Claire- Last Seen Alive

Douglas, Helen-

Doyle, Catherine- Vendetta

Drews, C.G- A Thousand Perfect Notes

Dugard, Jaycee- A Stolen Life

Du Maurier, Daphne- Rebecca

Dunmore, Helen- The Lie

Durrant, Sabine- Lie With Me


Eager, Kirsty- Raw Blue

Eberlen, Kate- Miss You

Eclair, Jenny- Moving

Ee, Susan- Angelfall

Elson, Jane-

Ellen, Tom- Lobsters

Ellwood, Nuala-

Emberely, Michael- It’s Perfectly Normal (as part of a Banned Books feature)

Emmich, Val- Dear Evan Hansen

Engel, Amy- The Roanoke Girls

England, Caroline- My Husband’s Lies

Evans, Kathryn- More Of Me

Evans Welch, Jenna- Love & Gelato

Eve, Laure- The Graces

Ewell, Katherine- Dear Killer

Extence, Gavin- The Universe Versus Alex Woods


Fagan, Jenni- The Panopticon

Falls, S.K- Secret For A Song

Farrell, Clare- Little Girl In My Room

Fergus, Denise- I Let Him Go

Filer, Nathan- The Shock Of The Fall

Fine, Anne- Flour Babies

Finn, A.J.- The Woman In The Window

Fitzgerald, F.Scott- The Great Gatsby

Fitzpatrick, Huntley- My Life Next Door

Fletcher, Carrie Hope-

Fletcher, Giovanna-

Billy And Me

Dream A Little Dream


Fletcher, Tom-

Flood, C.J.- Infinite Sky

Flynn, Gillian-

Frances, Michelle- The Girlfriend

Frankel, Laurie- This Is How It Is

Fremlin, Celia- The Hours Before Dawn

French, Dawn- According to Yes

Frielich, Elisa- Silent Echo

Ford, Jamie- Songs of Willow Frost

Forman, Gayle-

Fowley-Doyle, Maria- The Accident Season

Fox, Susi- Mine

Frank Baum, L- The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz

Friend, Natasha- Lush (as part of a Banned Books feature)

Froley, Margaux- Escape Theory

Frost, Timothy- The Abigail Affair

Furniss, Clare-


Gaiman, Neil-

Graphic Novel

Garden, Nancy- Annie On My Mind (as part of a Banned Books feature)

Gardner, Lisa- The Other Daughter

Garner, Paula- Phantom Limbs

Garvin, Jeff- Symptoms Of Being Human

Gavin, Jamila- Blackberry Blue

Gaylin, Alison- Reality Ends Here

Gemeinhart, Dan- The Honest Truth

Gibbons, Alan- Hate

Giles, Jeff- The Edge of Everything

Gino, Alex- George  (and as a Banned Books feature)

Glasgow, Kathleen- Girl In Pieces

Goldblatt, Mark- Twerp

Golding, Melanie- Little Darlings

Goo, Maurene- I Believe In A Thing Called Love

Goodwin, Daisy- The Fortune Hunter

Goolsby, Jesse- I’d Walk With My Friends If I Could Find Them (mini review)

Gordon, Bryony- Mad Girl

Gourlay, Candy- Shine

Graham, Lauren- Someday, Someday, Maybe

Grahame, Kenneth- The Wind In The Willows

Gray, Julia- Little Liar

Grayson, Josh- Sia

Green, Cass- The Woman Next Door

Green, Jane- Tempting Fate

Green, John-

Green, Katie- Lighter Than My Shadow

Green, Linda- The Last Thing She Told Me

Green, Marti- The Good Twin

Green, Simon James- Noah Can’t Even

Green, Sally- Half Bad

Greene, Bette- Summer Of The German Soldier

Greenwood Brown, Anne- Girl Last Seen

Gregorio, I.W. – None Of The Above

Gregory, Karen- Countless

Gregson, Julia- Jasmine Nights

Gudenkauf, Heather- Little Mercies

Guskin, Sharon- The Forgetting Time

Gutteridge, Alex- No Going Back


Haas, Abigail-

Haddon, Mark- The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time (as part of a Banned Books feature)

Haig, Matt-


Halbrook, Kristin- Every Last Promise

Hall, Sandy- A Little Something Different 

Halle, Karina-

Halse Anderson, Laurie-

Halpern, Julie- The F-It List

Halpin, Brendan-

Han, Jenny-

Burn For Burn

The Summer I Turned Pretty:

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before:

Hand, Cynthia-

Handler, Daniel- Why We Broke Up

Hannah, Kristin- The Nightingale

Hardinge, Frances- The Lie Tree

Haston, Meg- Paperweight

Hawkins, Rachel- Rebel Belle

Harbison, Paige-

Harper, Candy- Have A Little Faith

Harrington, Hannah-

Harris, Robie. H- It’s Perfectly Normal (as part of a Banned Books feature)

Harris, Sarah. J- The Colour Of Bee Larkham’s Murder

Harrison, Paula- Robyn Silver-The Midnight Chimes

Hawley, Noah- The Good Father

Hawkins, Paula- The Girl On The Train

Haydu, Corey Ann- Making Pretty

Haynes, Elizabeth- Human Remains

Haywood, Sarah- The Cactus

Higashida, Naoki- The Reason I Jump

Healey, Emma- Whistle In The Dark

Heathfield, Lisa- Paper Butterflies

Heltsley, Andrea- The Switch

Hendricks, Greer- The Wife Between Us

Henkes, Kevin- Olive’s Ocean

Henry, Emily- The Love That Split The World

Hensley, Joy. M – Rites of Passage

Hennessey, Claire- Nothing Tastes As Good

Herthel, Jessica- I Am Jazz (as part of a Banned Books feature)

Hesse, Monica-

Heti, Sheila- How A Person Should Be

Higgins, Wendy- Sweet Evil

Hill, Lexie- Kissing Booth

Hillyer, Lexa- Proof Of Forever

Hill, Loretta- One Little White Lie (novella)

Hinton, S.E.- Taming The Star Runner (as part of a Banned Books feature)

Hiorns, Helen- The Name On Your Wrist

Hislop, Victoria-

Hitchcock, Shannon- The Ballad of Jessie Pearl

Hoang, Helen- The Kiss Quotient

Ho-Yen, Polly- Boy In The Tower

Hocking, Amanda- Wake

Hodge, Rosamund- Cruel Beauty

Hodgson Burnett, Frances-

Hodkin, Michelle-

Hogan, Cindy M

Hogan, Ruth- The Keeper Of Lost Things

Holczer, Tracy- The Secret Hum of A Daisy

Honeyman, Gail- Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine

Hoole, Elissa Janine- Sometimes Never, Sometimes Always

Hooper, Mary- Fallen Grace

Hoover, Colleen-

Slammed series

Hopeless duology 


Hopkins, Ellen- Crank  (as part of a Banned Books feature)

Hore, Rachel- Last Letter Home

Hornby, Nick- Funny Girl

Hosseini, Khaled-

Howard, A.G-


Howard, Laura- The Forgotten Ones

Howland, Leila- Nantucket Blue

Howells, Debbie- The Bones of You

Hubbard, Kirsten- Wanderlove

Hughes, Gregory- Unhooking The Moon

Hunter, Cara-

Huss Roat, Sharon- Between The Notes

Huxley, Aldous- Brave New World (as part of a Banned Books feature)


Ivison, Lucy- Lobsters

Ibbotson, Eva- The Abominables

Isaac, Catherine- You Me Everything

Isley, Camilla-


James, Lauren-

Jarratt, Laura- By Any Other Name

Jean, Emiko- We’ll Never Be Apart

Jefferies, Dinah- The Tea Planter’s Wife

Jenkins Reid, Taylor-

Jennings, Jazz- I Am Jazz (as part of a Banned Books feature)

Jewell, Lisa-

Joelson, Penny- I Have No Secrets

Johannes, S.R- Untraceable

Johnson, Maureen- Let It Snow

Jones, Lisa Renee- Escaping Reality

Jones, Sharon-

Jordan, Hillary- When She Woke

Joyce, Graham- Some Kind Of Fairy Tale

Joyce, Rachel-

Juster, Norman- The Phantom Tollbooth


Kacvinsky, Katie- Awaken

Kadohata, Cynthia- Kira-Kira

Karyus Quinn, Kate-

Kaufman, Amie- These Broken Stars


Kaufman, Andrew- Born Weird

Kassan, Peter- Lightpoints

Keating, Lucy- Literally

Kelly, Erin- He Said/She Said

Kemmerer, Brigid-


Letters To The Lost

Kendal, Claire- The Book of You

Kent, Hannah- Burial Rites

Keplinger, Kody- The Duff

Kessler, Liz-

Keyes, Marian- The Woman Who Stole My Life

Kiem, Elizabeth- Dancer, Daughter, Traitor, Spy

King, Clive- Stig Of The Dump

King, Stephen- Carrie

Kingsley, Charles- The Water Babies

Kinney, Jeff- Diary of A Wimpy Kid

Kinsella, Sophie-


Wedding Night

Finding Audrey

Shopaholic Series

Shopaholic To The Stars

Kirby, Jessi-

Kirkman, David- I’m A Dragon You See

Klaussman, Liza- Tigers In Red Weather

Klehr, Dawn- Cutting Room Floor

Knight, Renee- Disclaimer

Kress, Adrienne- Outcast

Krys, Michelle- Hexed

Koomson, Dorothy-

Kuklin, Susan- Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out (as part of a banned books feature)


LaCour, Nina-

Laidlaw, S.J- An Infidel in Paradise

Lamb, Victoria- Witchstruck

Land, Ali- Good Me, Bad Me

Landers, Melissa- Alienated

Lapena, Sheri- The Couple Next Door

Lasala, Francine- The Girl, The Gold Tooth and Everything

Laure, Estelle- This Raging Light

Lawler, Liz- I’ll Find You

Lawrence, Patrice-

Lawson, Jenny- Furiously Happy

L’Engle, Madeleine- A Wrinkle In Time

Leavitt, Caroline- Is This Tomorrow?

Leavitt, Lindsey- Going Vintage

Lee Alexander, Shannon- Love and Other Unknown Variables

Leech, Caroline- Wait For Me

Leiderman, Lucy- Lives of Magic

Lelic, Simon-

Leno, Katrina- The Half Life Of Molly Pierce

Levithan, David-

Every Day

Levy, Andrea- Fruit Of The Lemon

Lewis, C.S-

Lin, Grace- Where The Mountain Meets The Moon

Lloyd, Amy- The Innocent Wife

Lloyd, Natalie- A Snicker Of Magic

Lockhart, E-

Ruby Oliver

London, Jack- White Fang

Long, Hayley-

Lord, Emery-

Lowery Nixon, Joan- The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore

Lowry, Lois-


Lu, Marie-

Lupton, Rosamund- The Quality of Silence (short bullet point review)


Maas, Sarah J-

Throne of Glass:

A Court of Thorns and Roses:

MacColl, Michaela- Always Emily

Maciel, Amanda- Tease

Mackler, Carolyn-

Mackintosh, Clare-

Macmahon, Katherine- This Is How It Ends

Mafi, Tahereh-

Shatter Me:



Mages Amato, Danielle- The Hidden Memory Of Objects

Magorian, Michelle- Goodnight Mister Tom

Maher, Kevin- The Fields

Mainwaring, Anna- The Lives and Loves of Jesobel Jones

Mandanna, Sangu- The Lost Girl

Manning, Kate- My Notorious Life

Manning, Sarra-

Mansell, Jill- Three Amazing Things About You

Marks, Graham- Bad Bones

Marrs, John- The One

Martin, Amy-

Martin, Emily- The Year We Fell Apart

Martin, Tracey- Another Little Piece of My Heart

Marwood, Alex- The Wicked Girls

Marr, Melissa- Made For You

Marriott, Zoe- Shadows On The Moon

Marion, Isaac- Warm Bodies

Marshall, Laura- Friend Request

Mascull, Rebecca- The Visitors

Mason, Simon- Running Girl

Mather, Adriana- How To Hang A Witch

Mather, Janice Lynn- Learning To Breathe

Mathieu, Jennifer-

Matson, Morgan-

Mawer, Simon- The Girl Who Fell From The Sky

Mayhew, Julie-

McBeth, Colette- Precious Thing

McCahan, Erin- Love and Other Foreign Words

McCaughrain, Kelly- Flying Tips for Flightless Birds

McCreight, Kimberly- Reconstructing Amelia

McDonald, Abby (also writes as Abigail Haas)- The Anti-Prom

McFarlane, Mia/Mhari- You Had Me At Hello

McGarry, Katie-

Pushing The Limits

Thunder Road 

McGinnis, Mindy- Not A Drop To Drink

McGuire, Sarah- Valiant (mini review)

McKay, Hilary- Saffy’s Angel

McKenna, Elizabeth- Venice By Moonlight

McKenzie, Sophie- Close Your Eyes

McIntyre, Rachel-

McLachlan, Jenny-

McLaughlin, Tom- The Accidental Prime Minister

McMann, Lisa- Dead To You

McManus, Darragh- Shiver The Whole Night Through

McManus, Karen. M-

McNeil, Gretchen- Ten

McNiff, Dawn- Little Celeste

McPartlin, Anna- The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes

McStay, Moriah- Everything That Makes You

Mead, Richelle- Vampire Academy

Meadows, Jodi- My Lady Jane

Mensch, Louise- Beauty

Menon, Sandhya- When Dimple Met Rishi

Mericle Harper, Charise- Flashcards Of My Life (as part of a banned books feature)

Meyer, Marissa-

The Lunar Chronicles


Meyer, Stephenie- Twilight (as part of a Banned Books feature)

Michaelides, Alex- The Silent Patient

Mikulencak, Mindy- Burn Girl

Millay, Katja- The Sea of Tranquility

Miller, Madeline- The Song of Achilles

Milwood Hargrave, Kiran- The Girl Of Ink and Stars

Mitchell, Kennedy. L- Falling For The Chance

Mitchell, Maggie- Pretty Is

Miranda, Megan- Fracture

Mlynowski, Sarah-

Moggach, Deborah-

Moggach, Lottie- Kiss Me First

Montgomery, L.M- Anne of Green Gables

Montgomery, Ross- Perijee and Me

Moore Fitzgerald, Sarah-

Moore, Leigh T- The Truth About Letting Go

Moran, Eleanor- In A New York Minute

Morgan, Lou- Sleepless

Morgan, Page-  The Beautiful And The Cursed

Morgan, R.J- Fifteen Bones

Moriarty, Liane-

Moriarty, Sinead-

Morpurgo, Michael- The Snowman

Morris, Heather- The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Morrison, Paul- The White Swan

Morrison, Toni-

Moyes, Jojo-

Muddiman, Rebecca- No Place Like Home

Muncaster, Harriet- Isadora Moon Goes To School

Murdoch, Emily- If You Find Me

Murphy, Julie-

Mussi, Sarah- Riot

Myers, Walter Dean- Fallen Angels (as part of a Banned Books feature)

Myracle, Lauren-


Navin, Rhiannon- Only Child

Nazarro, Alexa- The Pool Theory

Neill, Fiona- The Betrayals

Nelson, Jandy- I’ll Give You The Sun

Nesbit, E-

Ness, Patrick-

Chaos Walking Trilogy:


Ng, Celeste- Everything I Never Told You

Nicholls, David- Us

Nijkamp, Marieke-

Niven, Jennifer-

Noble, Elizabeth- Love, Iris

Norman, Charity- After The Fall

Norton, Mary- The Borrowers

North, Claire- The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August

Nugent, Liz- Lying In Wait


Ockler, Sarah-

O’Brien, Caragh – Birthmarked

Oelke, Lianne- Nice Try, Jane Sinner

O’Farrell, Maggie- Instructions For A Heatwave

O’Hara, Laura- Hortense and Her Shadow

O’Neill, Louise-

O’Porter, Dawn- Paper Aeroplanes

O’Reilly, Jane- Once A Bad Girl

Oliver, Jana- Briar Rose

Oliver, Lauren-

Olsen, Gregg- Run

Oseman, Alice-

Overton, Hollie- Baby Doll

Owald, James- Natural Causes


Packham, Simon- Trust Games

Padgett, Jason- Struck By Genius

Paige, Danielle-

Dorothy Must Die

Dorothy Must Die

Stealing Snow

Stealing Snow

Pan, Emily X.R.- The Astonishing Color Of After

Panitch, Amanda- Damage Done

Paris, B.A-

Park, Jessica-

Stand Alone

Parks, Adele- The Stranger In My Home

Parkin, Cassandra- The Summer We All Ran Away

Pass, Emma- Acid

Patrick, Cat- Just Like Fate

Patton, Ripley- Ghost Hand

Pearce, A.J.- Dear Mrs Bird

Pearson, Laura- Missing Pieces

Pearson, Mary E-

Pekkanen, Sarah- The Wife Between Us

Pendleton, Dawn- The Switch

Penn, Farrah- Twelve Steps To Normal

Pennington, Jessica- Love Songs and Other Lies

Perks, Heidi- Now You See Her

Peterson, Katherine- The Bridge to Terabithia (as part of a Banned Books feature)

Perkins, Stephanie-

Perry, Jolene-

Picoult, Jodi-

Pilkey, Dav- The Adventures of Captain Underpants (as part of a Banned Books feature)

Pinborough, Sarah- 13 Minutes

Pitcher, Chelsea- The S Word

Pixley, Marcella- Ready To Fall

Plum, Amy-

Polonsky, Ami- Gracefully Grayson

Poston, Ashley- Geekerella

Pratt, Non-

Profijt, Jutta- Dust Angel

Pullman, Philip- Northern Lights

Purcell, Kim- This Is Not A Love Letter


Quick, Matthew-

Quinn, Kate- Mistress of Rome


Ransom, Arthur- Swallows and Amazons

Ramey, Stacie- The Homecoming

Rattle, Alison-

Rayner, Sarah-

Redmerski, J.A- The Edge of Never

Reed, Amy- The Nowhere Girls

Reekles, Beth- Rolling Dice

Rees, Celia- Witch Child

Rees Brennan, Sarah-

The Lynburn Legacy


Reeve, Alex- The House On Half Moon Street

Reichardt, Marisa- Underwater

Rektok, Ross- Prodigal

Reid, Carmen- Cross My Heart

Rentzenbrink, Cathy- The Last Act Of Love

Reynolds, Amanda- Close To Me

Reynolds, Jason- Long Way Down

Reynolds, Marilyn- Detour For Emmy–  (as part of a banned books feature)

Reynolds Naylors, Phyllis- The Agony Of Alice

Ribar, Lindsay- The Art of Wishing

Richmond, Michelle- The Marriage Pact

Riggs, Ransom- Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

Riordan, Rick-

Rivera, Lillam- The Education Of Margot Sanchez

Robb, Andy- Geekhood: Close Encounters of The Girl Kind.

Robertson, S.D.- Time To Say Goodbye

Rodrigeuz, Cindy L- When Reason Breaks

Roe, Robin- A List Of Cages

Roecker, Lisa- This is W.A.R

Roecker, Laura- This is W.A.R

Roedy Vaughan, Lauren- OCD, The Dude and Me

Ross, Elizabeth- Belle Epoque 

Roth, Veronica-

Rossi, Veronica-

Rostain, Michel- The Son

Roux, Madeleine- Asylum

Rowell, Rainbow-

Rowling, J.K.- Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

Rozett, Louise- Confessions Of An Angry Girl

Ruby, Laura- Bone Gap

Rundell, Katherine- Rooftoppers

Rushton, Abbie-

Russell, Chris- Songs About A Girl

Russo, Meredith- If I Was Your Girl

Ryan, Donal- The Spinning Heart


Sachs, Marilyn- The Fat Girl

Sachar, Louis- Holes

Saft, Lauren- Those Girls

Sales, Leila-

Salisbury, Melinda-

Sanghera, Sathnam- Marriage Material

Sargam, Jennie- Sophie

Sarginson, Saskia- The Other Me

Sarkissian, Julie – Dear Lucy

Satrapi, Marjane- Persepolis

Scheerger, Sarah Lynn- The Opposite of Love

Schneider, Robyn- Extraordinary Means

Schwartz, Alvin- In A Dark, Dark Room and Other Scary Stories (as part of a Banned Books feature)

Schutz, Samantha- I Don’t Want To Be Crazy

Scott, Elizabeth- Heartbeat

Scott, Julianna- The Holders

Scottoline, Lisa- Keep Quiet

Seaburg, Maureen- Struck By Genius

Sedgwick, Marcus- She Is Not Invisible

Selznick, Brian- The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Semple, Maria- Where’d You Go, Bernadette?

Serle, Rebecca- The Edge of Falling

Shannon, Samantha- The Bone Season

Sharpe, Tess- Far From You

Shaw, Ali- The Man Who Rained

Shaw Wolf, Jennifer- Dead Girls Don’t Lie

Sheehan, Anna- A Long, Long Sleep

Sheehan, Nikki- Who Framed Klaris Cliff?

Sheinmel, Alyssa- Faceless

Shemilt, Jane-

Shephard, Sara- The Perfectionists

Sheridan, Kellie- Follow The White Rabbit

Shurtliff, Liesl- Rump

Shusterman, Neal-

Unwind Dystology


Siebel, Kathryn- Missing Arabella

Siegel, Philip- The Break Up Artist

Siegel, Siena Cherson- To Dance

Silvera, Adam-

Silverman, Laura- Girl Out Of Water

Simsion, Grahame-

Sise, Katie- The Boyfriend App

Sittenfield, Curtis- Sisterland

Skuse- C.J-

Slater, Kim- Smart

Slimani, Leila- Lullaby

Smailes, Caroline- In Search Of Adam

Smale, Holly-

Smetana, Sarah Nicole- The Midnights

Smith, Amber- The Way I Used To Be

Smith, Andrew- Winger

Smith, Jeff- Bone

Smith, Jennifer E-

Smith, Sherri- Follow Me Down

Snicket, Lemony-

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Solomon, Rachel Lynn – You’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone

Sones, Sonya- What My Mother Doesn’t Know (as part of a banned books feature)

Spooner, Meagan- These Broken Stars

Spotswood, Jessica-

Spradbery, Carla- The 100 Society

Spyri, Johanna- Heidi

St. Jean, Audrey- Windless

St.Pierre, Tara- Just A Few Inches

Stainton, Keris-

Stamp, Emer- The Unbelievable Top Secret Diary of Pig

Stanton, Angie- Waking In Time

Staples, Fiona-

Starmer, Aaron- Spontaneous

Stedman, M.L- The Light Between Oceans

Steinbeck, John- Of Mice and Men

Steiner, Susie-

Steven, Laura- The Exact Opposite Of Okay

Stevens, Courtney C- Faking Normal

Stevenson, Noelle- Nimona

Stine, R.L- The Babysitter

Stiefvater, Maggie- Shiver

Stirling, Joss- Storm and Stone

Strauss, Elle- Clockwise

Streatfeild, Noel- Ballet Shoes

Strohmeyer, Sarah- Smart Girls Get What They Want

Strout, Elizabeth- My Name Is Lucy Barton

Stokes, Paula- The Art of Lainey

Stone, Craig- Life Knocks

Stone, Juliana- Boys Like You

Stone, Tanya Lee- A Bad Boy Can Be Good For A Girl (as part of a Banned Books feature)

Stuart, Keith-

Sugg, Zoe- Girl Online

Sullivan, Kiki- The Dolls

Suma, Nova Ren- The Walls Around Us

Summers, Courtney-

Summerscale, Kate- Mrs Robinson’s Disgrace

Sundquist, Josh- We Should Hang Out Sometime

Surmelis, Angelo- The Dangerous Art Of Blending In

Sutcliffe, William- Concentr8

Suzuma, Tabitha-

Swanson, Peter-


Talkington, Amy- Liv, Forever

Talley, Robin-

Tamaki, Jillian and Tamaki, Mariko- This One Summer

Tarttelin, Abigail-

Taylor, C.L.-

Taylor, Liani- Daughter Of Smoke and Bone

Taylor, Mildred D- Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (as part of a Banned Books feature)

Taylor, Rebecca- Ascendant

Telgemeier, Raina- Drama (as part of a Banned Books feature)

Terriel, Cristin- All Our Yesterdays

Terry, Teri- Slated

Thomas, Angie- The Hate U Give

Thomas, Ruth- The Class That Went Wild

Thomas, Scarlett- Bright Young Things

Thompson, Alice- The Book Collector

Thompson, Craig- Habibi (as part of a Banned Books feature)

Thorne, Jenn Marie- The Wrong Side Of Right

Theroux, Marcel- Strange Bodies

Thrash, Maggie- Honor Girl

Toon, Paige-

Jessie Jefferson

Toten, Teresa- Beware That Girl

Topham Wood, Heather- The Disappearing Girl

Torjussen, Mary- Gone Without A Trace

Tremayne, S.K- The Ice Twins

Tucker, K.A

Tucker, Nancy- The Time In Between


Udogu, Kenechi- Aversion

Underdown, Beth- The Witchfinder’s Sister

Ursu, Anne- Breadcrumbs


Valente, Catherynne M- The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland In A Ship Of Her Own Making

Vallance, Jess- The Yellow Room

Various- Dear Bully

Vaughan, Brian.K-

Vaughan, Sarah- Anatomy Of A Scandal

Verghese, Abraham- Cutting For Stone

Vinesse, Cecilia- Seven Days Of You

Vitello, Suzy- The Moment Before

Vivian, Siobhan-

Vizzini, Ned- It’s Kind Of A Funny Story

von Ziegesar, Cecily- Gossip Girl (as part of a Banned Books feature)


Walker, Kelly- No One’s Angel

Walker-Smith, G.J- Saving Wishes

Wallace Benefiel, Stacey- Crossing

Wallach, Tommy- We All Looked Up

Walliams, David-

Wallman, Sue- Lying About Last Summer

Walsh, Aoife- Too Close To Home

Walton, Leslye- The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender

Walter, B.P.- A Version Of The Truth

Warburton, Ruth- Witchfinder

Ward, Peter- Note To Self

Ward, Rachel-

Ware, Ruth- In A Dark, Dark Wood

Warga, Jasmine-

Way, Camilla- Watching Edie

Weaver, Tim- Never Coming Back

Webber, Katherine- Wing Jones

Wein, Elizabeth- Code Name Verity

Weisgarber, Ann- The Personal History of Rachel Dupree

Weiner, Jennifer- All Fall Down

Weingarten, Lynn- Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls (short bullet point review)

Welford, Ross- Time Travelling With A Hamster

Wells, Dan- Partials

West, Kasie-


Westcott, Rebecca- Dandelion Clocks

Westerfeld, Scott-

White, E.B- Charlotte’s Web

White, Karen- The Time Between

Whitehouse, Lucie- Before We Met

Whitfield Thomson, James- Lies You Wanted To Hear

Whiting, Sue- Portraits of Celina

Whyman, Matt- The Savages

Wilde, Samantha- I’ll Take What She Has

Williams, Desiree- Illusionary

Williams, Margery- The Velveteen Rabbit

Williams, Robert- Into The Trees

Williamson, Lara-

Williamson, Lisa- The Art of Being Normal 

Wilson, D.W- Ballistics

Wilson, Lorraine-

Winnaker, Suzanne- The Other Life

Winter, Jeanette- Nasreen’s Secret School (as part of a Banned Books feature)

Winterson, Jeanette- Lighthousekeeping

Wolitzer, Meg- Belzhar

Wood, Elizabeth- Choker

Wood, Laura- A Sky Painted Gold

Wood, MaryRose- The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place- The Mysterious Howling

Wood, Monica- The One In A Million Boy

Woodhead, Lindy- Shopping, Seduction and Mr Selfridge

Workman, RaShelle- Touching Melody

Wysss, Johann David- The Swiss Family Robinson



Yoon, Nicola-

York, A.J- Delilah Dusticle

Young, Suzanne-

Youngblood, Devon- Coming Back To You

Yousafzai, Malala- I Am Malala

Yovanoff, Brenda- Paper Valentine


Zail, Suzy- The Wrong Boy

Zailckas, Koren- Mother, Mother

Zan, Koethi- The Never List

Zappia, Francesca-

Zarr, Sara- Roomies

Zentner, Jeff- Goodbye Days

Zhang, Amy- Falling Into Place

Zusak, Markus- I Am The Messenger

Updated 16 June 2019

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