Fairy Tale Friday- A Story From The Sandhills

This week’s fairy tale is also known as A Story From The Dunes. It was a very odd tale with a lot of death in it. Cheery, hey?

It centres around a young couple living in Spain. The couple are sent to Stockholm and then St. Petersburg. The couple are very religious and dedicated to God. On their travels, the ship they are travelling on is wrecked. The wife survives and is found on the coast of Jutland. The wife gives birth to a baby boy and then dies. A fisherman and his wife take the boy in and name him Jorgen. This all happens along the sandhills.

When Jorgen grows up he begins to explore the world and goes to sea as a cabin boy. Jorgen sails to Spain and feels like he belongs there. Jorgen inherits his foster father’s house and being kind and lovely he gives it to his best friend so his best friend can marry his love. In a strange turn of events, Jorgen’s best friend is murdered. Everyone thinks that Jorgen had something to do with it because he quite fancied his best friend’s girl. Jorgen is locked up until they find the real murderer.

A merchant takes in Jorgen and looks after him. Poor Jorgen’s luck doesn’t change because he falls in love with the merchant’s daughter and then she dies in a shipwreck despite Jorgen’s best efforts to save her. Jorgen is hit in the head by some wood and is never quite Jorgen-like again. The merchant’s family continue to look after Jorgen but they die too. It seems like everyone in Jorgen’s life is dying. Jorgen has a vision in a church where he marries his intended in front of his foster family. Jorgen dies! 😦 The church is buried amongst the sandhills… so at least he has a nice place to rest?!

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