The A-Z Of Me- Part 1

I came across this post through Nicki. The original post comes from Splodz and The Urban Wanderer. Like Nicki, I thought I’d split this post too, so it didn’t become too long. Here are my answers!

A is for audiobooks. I’ve never got on with them. My concentration always wavers. Perhaps I haven’t found the right one?

B is for Bibliobeth. My awesome, bookish blogging sister.

C is for Christine. A name I share with my amazing Mumma ❤

D is for dog. I had a very special dog in my life. His name was Mac.

E is for Elphaba. One of my favourite female characters from a musical.

Photo credit to Matt Crockett

F is for Footloose. A musical that I adore.

G is for gratitude. I’m grateful for the opportunity I have to inspire the future generation. I’m grateful for my family, my friends and my job.

H is for hills. After suffering with knee problems for most of my life, I’ve finally got enough strength to tackle some hills on my walks.

I is for Iggle Piggle. My nephew’s rabbit. He chose the name. Obviously.

J is for Jodie. My childhood best friend who is still very dear to me.

K is for kindness. I wish I could be more kind to myself.

L is for learning. I love learning new skills and new things about myself. I’m forever looking for ways to improve my teaching.

M is for Malta. One of my favourite countries.

I hope you enjoyed this post! 🙂 I’ll do N-Z sometime soon!

Have a great day everyone!