Mr B’s Delightful Reading Spa

On Friday, I visited Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights in Bath. I took my sister to Bath and Mr B’s as a little treat and purchased a reading spa for us both!

Images of the shop

Pictures from the shop as seen on the shop’s website. Click on the image to get to Mr B’s website!

 Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights opened in June 2006 after the owners Nic and Juliette Bottomley fancied a career change- from lawyers to independent booksellers. This was a fantastic (and brave) choice. I can truly say that Mr B’s is an absolutely beautiful shop. It’s relaxing, appealing, packed full of books and has incredibly knowledgeable and welcoming staff.

Mr B’s shop is quirky. It’s got a rentable reading booth where readers can rent their own little space to have some quality reading time. There’s a beautiful bibliotherapy room. We all need some bibliotherapy and Mr B’s is a fantastic place to undergo bookish therapy! I loved the wall papered with comics and the bookshelves that seemed so personal. There’s even free tea and coffee for customers.

It’s no surprise then, that Mr B’s has twice been named the UK’s Independent Bookshop of the Year (2008/2011)

Mr B’s has more than just beautiful books. They have blogs, book groups, events, book recommendation lists and gifts for us bibliophiles. Check out their website (linked in the image below) for just an idea of what they do. It’s incredible!

As I mentioned, I purchased two Reading Spas for my sister Beth and I.  We met with the lovely Emma, who chatted to us about our bookish likes and dislikes over a cup of tea. She then disappeared off and found us a wonderful mountain of books to look through. Emma knew so much about each book she was recommended and sold them beautifully to us. We seriously wanted to buy THEM ALL. She then left us in some very comfy chairs to look through the stack and make some decisions about what beauties we were going to take away.  Luckily for us, Emma is going to email us the titles of the rest of the books!


Here is the damage… but the oh so pretty damage. We also received bookmarks and Mr B mugs.

I absolutely loved my experience at Mr B’s. I’ll certainly be revisiting! I will be recommending this beautiful shop to many!