Chrissi Chat- Where I’m at!

I haven’t been posting daily for the last week or so. I’m in a bit of a funk with blogging at the moment. I still absolutely adore it, but after 6 years of posting daily (I’ve only ever missed a few days in those 6 years) I’m getting a bit… not fed up, but uninspired. I’ve made the decision to blog when I want to blog. I’ve finished a book recently and not reviewed it and usually that would bug me, but why should it? Why can’t I just blog when I want to blog? The answer is… I can! It’s up to me when I blog. If my views go down… does it really affect my life? No. It’s taken me a long time to get to this point, but I’m pleased I’m there. It takes the pressure off reading. That review will still be coming out but when I’m in the mood to write it.

The fact is, balancing full time teaching and full time blogging is HARD. I don’t know how I’ve managed it. I’ve had a really stressful year with work and worrying about my blog didn’t really help my mental health. I’ve been honest about my struggles with anxiety and something has to give until I’m in a happier place mentally. Work is massively affecting my mental health and I don’t need blog stress to add to it.

I will still be visiting your blogs, but it might be during a binge reading session. I can’t come online daily and be on WordPress and not blog (I feel guilty!) so I’ll probably read your posts when I’m online. I still support and love my blogging friends.

This isn’t a post saying I’m giving up blogging. I’m not. I’ll just blog when I want to and read when I want to. My blog, my rules!

Celebrating One Year of Chrissi Reads!


I can’t believe my little blog is one year old today. It has been an amazing year. I’ve made some brilliant blogger friends, found some great blogs and read some fantastic books.

To celebrate I would like to give someone the opportunity to win four books of their choice  from Amazon or The Book Depository.

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Good Luck!

(Just a side note, this giveaway is international. You can pick any books but I won’t be allowing textbooks to be a choice!)

Should you review a book that you haven’t finished?


Recently, I’ve had several books that I did not finish, I didn’t review them because I’m stuck between whether it’s right or wrong to review books you haven’t finished. For me, I don’t like to review a book if it hasn’t been read completely, because I simply don’t know if it does get any better, or how it ends. Sometimes a book can completely redeem itself, but I wouldn’t know.

If you’re reading a book for review, I think it’s important to try and finish it so that your review is informed and you can criticise it with confidence. I understand though that some books are so bad that people just have to write a DNF (did not finish) review. I know quite a few people that do review books they DNF, they state why they didn’t finish it and review it based on what they did read. The book bloggers I know do give the book a good chance. I think DNF reviews are good because when you are so honest your readership tend to respect that honesty. Also, if you are upfront about not finishing a book and it does get better the book blogging community can give their opinions on the book and let you know if you should give the book another chance.

The thing that baffles me the most is when I see reviews on Amazon that state they didn’t read the book at all. Why on earth are they leaving a review then?

What do you think? Do you review books that you did not finish? Is it fair to the author?

Chrissi’s Little Corner

Welcome to my small part of the internet!

I’m an avid reader and after spending a lot of my time discussing books with friends and reading like-minded blogs, I’ve decided to take the plunge and blog myself!

I used to be merely a chick-lit reader but I’m proud to say I’ve expanded my horizons and I read a wide range of genres now and take part in many book clubs. Always a great way to find new writers.

Bare with me whilst I get used to blogging about my reads. I hope you enjoy!