Cross My Heart


How did I get it?:
Received from publisher- many thanks to Random House Children’s Publishers


Brussels, 1940. Fifteen-year-old Nicole watches as the Nazis invade Belgium. Determined not to stand by as her country is brought to its knees, Nicole vows to fight back and joins the Belgian Resistance. Under her new alias – Coco – Nicole embarks on a dangerous new life as a spy, where the only question is not if you’ll be caught, but when…


I’ve read some of Carmen Reid’s books before so I knew she was a talented writer. I stupidly didn’t realise that she wrote outside the ‘chick-lit’ genre, so I didn’t immediately make the connection when I was given this book in Random House’s goody bag. When I eventually did make the connection I was incredibly intrigued to see what Cross My Heart was like. It’s a book ‘inspired by real people, real places and real events.’

If I had to sum it up in four words, those words would be ‘this book destroyed me.’ It was such a tough, harrowing read. There were moments when I had to put it down and just process what I was reading even further. It’s not often I have to stop reading a book because my emotions are taking over, but I found it happening frequently with Cross My Heart.

The protagonist Nicole is a fantastic character. She’s strong-minded and passionate. Her relationship with Anton is heart-breaking. Her love for her family really shines through.

I found myself racing through the book, torn between wanting to know what would happen to Nicole and her family and savouring every last moment of it! It’s not particularly an easy read. The subject matter is incredibly heavy going and as you can imagine there is a lot of violence within the book. Yet, it is written so well that you can’t help turning the pages, hoping that things will get better for Nicole.

This book is one of my favourites of this year so far. Read it.. (and weep!)

Would I recommend it?:
Without a doubt!

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