Fairy Tales- Two Brothers

Well, this was a strange one! It centres around two brothers who are both into different things. One brother is into science and has a thirst for knowledge. The other brother is into justice and truth. Both brothers have the Spirit of Human Genius to inspire them. The brothers grow up to be well celebrated scientists and politicians. Their names were Hans Christian and Anders. Okay…

If I’m honest, I didn’t really ‘get’ this one!

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Fairy Tale Friday- The Girl Who Trod On A Loaf

This week’s fairy tale is all about a girl named Inge. She’s pretty but also vain and arrogant. Inge is poor and not a very nice person at all. To get more money, Inge works as a maid in a well-off household. One day, Inge’s mistress sends her home with a loaf of bread. Inge doesn’t want to get her dress or shoes dirty, so she throws the bread into a puddle. She steps onto the bread to get her over, but it sinks into the mud, taking her with it.

Inge sinks into the home of a witch. The Devil’s great-grandmother is also there and decides that she wants to take Inge to hell to use as a statue to decorate hell. This is because Inge has frozen solid. Inge is stuck in hell, covered in mud, covered in bugs and absolutely starving. She sometimes feels drops of water on her head which are her mother’s tears. A shepherd saw the whole thing, so everyone in Inge’s life finds out it was her vanity that caused her to sink in the bog.

The story is retold year by year and as it’s told, Inge hears about it in hell. A child once cries when hearing the story and wishes Inge could return to earth. Inge feels sorrow and repents of her sins. She thinks she is not worth saving. After this, a sunbeam from heaven shines down on her. The statue vanishes and instead a bird is in its place. Inge has become a bird. Inge as a bird, flies around finding bread to feed to other birds that are hungry. When she gets enough bread to replace the loaf she destroyed, Inge’s soul goes up to heaven!

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Fairy Tale Friday- The Silver Shilling

This week’s fairy tale is a short one centring around a silver shilling. The silver shilling gets to travel around the world. It’s happy about it! However, people are insisting that the silver shilling is a counterfeit. The coin begins to eel guilty about that, so no longer decides to travel the world. It goes back to its homeland because everyone that said it was fake was from a different country. The shilling decided to go back to where it belonged.

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Fairy Tale Friday- The Old Church Bell

This fairy tale centres around a baby boy, who is born, grows up and learns about an old bell. He learns that the old bell from the church used to ring during important events. There’s really not that much to it aside from that. When grown up, the boy spends some time in military school. He leaves home and becomes a great poet!

There’s not much to some of these fairy tales, but it’s interesting to read the lesser known ones!

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Fairy Tale Friday- The Princess and The Pea

I’m very familiar with this fairy tale! Thinking about it though, it is a very strange one. It centres around a prince who wants to marry a princess. He really wants to make sure she’s a real princess. He travels around to find one but can’t find a real one.

One night a princess knocks on the castle door. She’s soaked from a storm and doesn’t look like a princess. The queen knows she’s a princess (somehow) so she puts a pea under many, many mattresses and quilts. She tells the princess to sleep on top of them.

The next morning the princess says that she didn’t sleep very well and was bruised by something in the bed. Somehow, this makes the princess a real princess, because apparently only real princesses are that sensitive. The princess marries the prince and the pea is kept inside a museum! (Ha!)

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Fairy Tale Friday- A Leaf From Heaven

This week’s fairy tale was A Leaf From Heaven. I hadn’t read this before! It’s about a leaf falling from a heavenly planet. An angel is carrying the leaf around. No-one can recognise the strange leaf. A botanist gets involved and tries to categorise the strange plant! A young girl puts the leaf into her bible. She dies later (how cheery! and a man who looks after pigs uproots the leaf and feeds it to his pig. The story ends with the leaves being quite powerful and able to cure the king’s melancholy! A rather random little fairy tale, but interesting to read all the same!

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Fairy Tale Friday- A Picture From The Rampart

This week’s fairy tale was a bit of a random one! It’s also known as From The Ramparts Of A Citadel. If I’m honest, not a lot happened in the story. The narrator and the reader are standing on the ramparts looking at the sea. There’s a random prisoner inside a cell in the citadel, the person has a really dark heart which we find out the sunbeams can’t illuminate. We hear a bird song and a hunter’s horn… and that’s pretty much it. It doesn’t come highly recommended from me!

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