Fairy Tale Friday- The Wind’s Tale

This week’s fairy tale is also known as What The Wind Told About Valdemar Daae and His Daughters. It’s a strange little tale that didn’t really make much of an impact on me. In the story, the wind tells a tale about a castle and Valdemar Daae and his daughters. Valdemar goes a little bit crazy as he’s desperate for gold. He tries way too hard to get it and ends up losing everything. Valdemar and his daughters end up incredibly poor and they die poor too.

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Fairy Tale Friday- Beautiful

This week’s fairy tale is also known as Lovely. It centres around a young sculptor who totally liked a widow’s daughter named Kala. She really is quite beautiful. Luckily, he gets to marry her but he finds out that she’s not that exciting. He travels with Kala and her mother. Sadly, Kala dies. The sculptor marries again, but this time he marries someone ugly but smart and sensible. She’s Kala’s friend, Sophie. Sophie tells him that he will reunite with Kala in heaven and he’ll still find her beautiful.

I felt like this was quite a harsh little tale! I’m pretty sure that beautiful people aren’t all dull and ugly people aren’t all smart and savvy. It’s quite judgemental but there you go…

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Fairy Tale Friday- Anne Lisbeth

This week’s fairy tale is all about a girl named Anne Lisbeth. This girl has a child that she doesn’t want. She pays someone who digs ditches to care for the child. Such a lovely lady! (Not!) Anne Lisbeth somehow manages to get a job looking after the Count’s baby. Anne Lisbeth marries a rich man. Meanwhile Anne’s son is all grown up. He goes out to sea and unfortunately dies. I don’t know if Anne has a guilty conscience or something, but she hallucinates about his ghost wanting to be buried. Anne goes completely mad, but eventually finds redemption. She believes when she goes to dies, she’ll go to heaven. Or perhaps it was wishful thinking!

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Fairy Tale Friday- Everything In The Right Place

I hadn’t heard of this fairy tale before reading it, so I was intrigued to see what it was like. It centres around the master of a manor who is a bit of an idiot. He almost runs down a goose-girl but a peddler helps her. The master drinks and gambles a lot and one day goes too far and loses his manor. The peddler buys it and marries the goose-girl. The two live by the motto ‘everything in its right place.’ Their children are also virtuous. One of them carves a flute from the willow tree. It’s a special kind of flute that puts those with noble hearts to the top. It’s a tale about those who deserve the most, getting the most! If only that happened in real life, hey?

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Fairy Tale Friday- The Old Batchelor’s Nightcap

This week’s fairy tale is also known as The Pepperman’s Nightcap it’s about a man (the pepperman) who sells pepper on behalf of someone else. They’re not allowed to marry so that they stay loyal to their employer. The tale follows a pepperman who is sad and lonely because his childhood lover didn’t want to marry him. The old man remembers an apple tree that he and his love planted together. He reminisces about things that have happened to them in their past.  After all that reminiscing the poor man dies in his sleep holding his nightcap. A sad tale.

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Fairy Tale Friday- The Ice Maiden

This week’s fairy tale is particularly long! It has chapters, which isn’t very common with Hans Christian Andersen. The story is set in Switzerland and centres around a goat herder named Rudy. As well as herding goats, he sells the wooden models that his grandfather carves. Rudy has a history though, an Ice Maiden tried to claim him when he was younger but he escaped.

Rudy is sent to his uncle’s house for school. He has to go over the mountains to get to school which is terrifying for him. Rudy’s uncle teachers him how to hunt, but is killed after an avalanche. Rudy becomes master of his uncle’s house. Rudy becomes an amazing hunter. Rudy has his eye on Babette, who he likes. Rudy goes to find Babette and her family at a competition in the mountains. Rudy easily wins the competition and gets to meet the girl of his dreams! Rudy heads back down the mountains confidently. A girl along the way offers to guide him, but Rudy is determined that he knows his way home. It’s a dangerous journey back and he wonders whether the girl was a servant of the Ice Maiden.

Rudy visits Babette once more and asks her father for her hand. Babette’s father says she’s too high above him but if her can bring back an alive baby eagle from its nest then he can marry her. Rudy climbs up to the eagle’s nest even with the Ice Maiden putting obstacles in his way. He gets the baby eagle and takes it to Babette and her father. Having completed the challenge, Babette’s father has to let Rudy marry her. The Ice Maiden is still watching…

She sends avalanches down to hurt people, trying to get a train that’s carrying Rudy, Babette and her father. They are on their way to meet Babette’s godmother. She has two daughter and a nephew. The nephew likes Babette which annoys Rudy. Later, Rudy finds out that the nephew is visiting Babette. Babette loves Rudy but likes to wind him up by flirting with her godmother’s nephew. They argue and Rudy leaves.

On the way home, Rudy starts to feel unwell. He sees a girl herding goats and he’s sure he recognises her from his village. She offers him wine and he asks her for a kiss. She’ll kiss him in exchange for his engagement ring. Back at the mountains, Babette is devastated and pining for Rudy to come back to her. Rudy realises that the girl was the Ice Maiden. He realises he was an idiot to doubt Babette and he returns to her.

The day before their wedding, Babette dreams of her godmother’s nephew. She feels bad, but convinces herself it’s just a dream. Babette and Rudy go out rowing on a lake. They stop at a little island. They’re incredibly happy together, but then the boat comes untied. Rudy swims after the boat. He spies the engagement ring and dives after it not realising it’s a trick. The Ice Maiden drowns him. Babette is upset, but then finds out everything has happened according to God’s plan, so Babette lives a happy but lonely life!

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Fairy Tale Friday- Little Ida’s Flowers

I’m pretty sure that I’d heard of this fairy tale before reading it. It’s a quaint tale!

Little Ida is a bit fed up because all of her flowers are dying. She has a moan to a visiting student, who tells her that her flowers are going to dance at the castle at night. Ida gets to experience her flowers dancing! She then decides to hold a funeral for the flowers that she held so dear!

At least this one isn’t too warped! Although I’m not sure I’d ever hold a funeral for flowers! Maybe Little Ida has more compassion than me?

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