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Coming soon… expected publication date 28th October 2013

Book description:

Mastering her Progressive Empath abilities isn’t going as well as Gemma hoped. In fact, months after finding out what she really is, she still has no clue what this truly means. All she can do is wait to see if any new abilities will eventually manifest. Things aren’t going great with Russ either. Unsure of how to handle her Sentient Link with him, she tries to integrate herself in his busy social life but struggles to adjust to her new circumstances.

When she is plagued by recurring nightmares, Gemma realises things are changing and knows she has to do something, fast. The arrival of two sets of strangers in town, both offering the much needed assistance she needs to unearth her powers, escalates the situation even further. Gemma attempts to decipher whose intentions are genuine, but does she have enough time to figure out who has her best interest at heart?

I’m so excited about reading Sentient. I read Aversion earlier this year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Aversion was such a fresh read. I also interviewed the author, the lovely Kenechi Udogu. Kenechi is hosting a giveaway to go alongside the release of this book. One reader will be able to win a $20 Amazon giftcard and three readers will win e-copies of Sentient. If you’re interested, please enter below:

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Interview with Kenechi Udogu

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Following reading the fantastic Aversion (review here) the lovely Kenechi Udogu answered some questions for me.


What inspired you to write Aversion?

I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of telepathy and mind alteration of any sort. I don’t know why but novels, TV shows and movies with parapsychological themes are amongst my favourites (maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me something). The idea for Aversion came from a random pondering session where I wondered what it would be like to possess a paranormal ability which could help others but still give them the freedom to mess up their lives. The story grew very quickly once I decided that the main character’s abilities had to be flawed in some way. Isn’t it funny how we always tend to identify with flawed heroes?

Did you have the series planned out before writing the first book?

Funny enough, Aversion was going to be a standalone novella but once I started to write it, all these questions started to pop into me head and I knew I wouldn’t do the story justice by keeping it in one book. If I resolved all the issues I had, it was going to turn out to be a really, really long novel (who wants that?) or split up into shorter episodes of Gemma’s adventure as an Averter. I chose to split the story to give the characters room to grow in their own time. I’m still not sure what’s going to happen at the end of the series or how long it will be. I’d much prefer the story to lead me to a natural end instead of planning it all out to the last detail.

Would you like to be an Averter?

No way! Messing with people’s minds sounds like way too much responsibility. I’d be haunted by the thought of failure and probably have a nervous breakdown.

If you could be born with a special ability what would it be?

I am obsessed with time and always wished I had the ability to freeze it or slow it down. Not all the time, just when I need a few more hours sleep or an extra half hour to meet a deadline. Turning back time would be a huge no-no though. I believe everything happens for a reason, even what we consider as bad stuff, so if we ever get evolved enough to manipulate time, time travel backwards should not be an option.

Have you ever suffered from writer’s block? If so, how did you get over it?

I don’t think many writers can claim to never have suffered from writer’s block. I usually leave whatever I’m struggling with and try to focus on something else. Most of the time, what I change my focus to has nothing to do with writing at all. I’d watch telly, go out with friends or play an online game. Totally distract myself from my work. It could take hours or even days, then, Eureka!

Now it’s time for some quick-fire questions!

Favourite author? As a child, Enid Blyton. As an adult, Stephen King.
I loved Enid Blyton too!

Favourite book character? Hmmmm, it’s too difficult to narrow this down to one character. I’ll pass!

Favourite place to write? In bed (but I haven’t done this in ages because I tend to fall asleep with my pen still moving).

A fictional character you love to hate? Sophie Kinsella’s Rebecca Bloomwood from the Shopaholic Series. I can’t stand her silliness, yet I’ve read all the books in the series.

Favourite book genre? I have three favourite genres – fantasy/paranormal, thrillers and good old romance. If all of these can be found in one book …bliss!

Thank you so much for your time Kenechi!

Aversion is available at Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. You can visit Kenechi’s blog here!



How did I get it?:
Received from author in exchange for an honest review!


For Gemma Green’s first time, things should have been straightforward. Find your subject, hold their gaze and push a thought into their head to save them from future disaster – Aversion complete. A pretty simple process given that the subject was to have no recollection of the experience. But Russ Tanner doesn’t seem to want to forget. In fact the more she tries to avoid him, the more he pushes to get to know her. Gemma knows she has a problem but is she facing the side effects of a failed Aversion or has the school’s tennis champ really fallen for her?


I was approached to read this book by the author. She had me sold with the synopsis. It sounded so intriguing that I couldn’t wait to get my hands upon it. It’s a novella, but I think if it wasn’t I still would’ve sped through it. It’s so intriguing and incredibly well written. Aversion is the first in the series and I’m so excited to read Kenechi is writing the second book Sentient right now!

Gemma Green is the protagonist, a 15 year old girl with a special ability to detect someone’s future life altering mistakes. She is able to avert those mistakes. She shouldn’t use that ability for her own good, but for other people’s mistakes. I loved that Gemma was the only girl Averter, as Averters were always male. She’s a fabulous character and the author has done a fantastic job portraying her strong-willed nature and stubbornness. When Gemma receives her first assignment (to do with a boy at school named Russ) it begins to change what she knows about herself and her family. I thought the significance of her relationship with Russ was very well written and was intriguing .

I was really impressed with Kenechi Udogu’s writing style. I adored Gemma, so I particularly enjoyed the first person narrative. There are a lot of paranormal books in the young adult market at the moment, but Aversion feels different. It feels really fresh and exciting and I can’t wait to read more of the series!

Come back to the blog soon for an interview with Kenechi Udogu!

Would I recommend it?:

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