Me Month March

I’m so excited to let you know about my Me Month March. I’ve been a good girl and got up to date with all my ARCs, so I have published or will publish everything I had for March. This means, I have free reign to read what I want to read for the rest of this month.

It might seem silly to be so excited by this, but since starting blogging, I’ve not read many of the books lingering on my shelves. The books that are judging me for adding new books every month. I can almost hear them question me when I add more to the already bulging shelves. If books had eyebrows, they’d definitely be raised every single time I buy a new book.

So I’ve decided to read for ME. I apologise to the authors waiting for reviews on their books, but this is much needed!

I’m excited to read without pressure and publish some reviews of books that I’ve been hoarding for a while. Normal service will resume next month!

Bring on the TBR pile!