July Mini Reviews

Here are some mini reviews for some early July releases! Please click on the book image to get to the Goodreads page!

The Quality of Silence

The Quality of SilenceSynopsis:

On 24th November Yasmin and her deaf daughter Ruby arrived in Alaska.

Within hours they were driving alone across a frozen wilderness

Where nothing grows

Where no one lives

Where tears freeze

And night will last for another 54 days.

They are looking for Ruby’s father.

Travelling deeper into a silent land.

They still cannot find him.

And someone is watching them in the dark.

Three Thoughts

  • A thrilling read
  • Writing builds the atmosphere beautifully.
  • Not always believable

Are You Watching Me?

Are You Watching Me


Dear Elizabeth,

I’ve been watching you

I hope to see you . . .


Liz Cafferky is on the up. Rescued from her dark past by the owner of a drop-in centre for older men, Liz soon finds herself as the charity’s face – and the unwilling darling of the Dublin media.

Amidst her claustrophobic fame, Liz barely notices a letter from a new fan. But then one of the centre’s clients is brutally murdered, and Elizabeth receives another, more sinister note.

Running from her own ghosts, Liz is too scared to go to the police. And with no leads, there is little Sergeant Claire Boyle can do to protect her.

Three Thoughts

  • Intriguing read
  • Didn’t grip me as much as the first book by this author
  • Creepy and chilling

Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls

Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls


June barely has time to mourn the death of her best friend Delia, before Delia’s ex-boyfriend convinces her Delia was murdered, and June is swept into a tangle of lies, deceit, and conspiracy.

Three Thoughts

  • Unreliable narrator- wasn’t sure who to trust!
  • Action packed plot.
  • Sometimes predictable

Stacking The Shelves #121

Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you’re adding to your shelves, be it buying or borrowing. From ‘real’ books you’ve purchased, a book you’ve borrowed, a book you’ve been given or an e-book they can all be shared!

As ever, click on the book title to get to the Goodreads page!


25580993I enjoyed Sinead’s first novel, so I quickly snapped up a copy of her next book!

Hot Key Books



I requested these two books from Hot Key Books. I thought Almost Grace sounded really intriguing! I think How To Be Bad could be a good, quick read as well. It always interests me to see how the book is with more than one author!

What have you added to your shelves this week? Feel free to leave a link to your posts and I’ll stop by! Happy Reading! 🙂

Can Anybody Help Me? (Review)


How did I get it?:
NetGalley- thanks to Quercus Books


It was crazy really, she had never met the woman, had no idea of her real name but she thought of her as a friend. Or, at least, the closest thing she had to a friend in Dublin.

Struggling with a new baby, Yvonne turns to netmammy, an online forum for mothers, for support. Drawn into a world of new friends, she spends increasing amounts of time online and volunteers more and more information about herself.

When one of her new friends goes offline, Yvonne thinks something is wrong, but dismisses her fears. After all, does she really know this woman?

But when the body of a young woman with striking similarities to Yvonne’s missing friend is found, Yvonne realises that they’re all in terrifying danger. Can she persuade Sergeant Claire Boyle, herself about to go on maternity leave, to take her fears seriously?


I thought this book was an interesting and very relevant read to the modern day generation. All too often people are putting too much information about themselves on the internet, forgetting how much can be seen by so many people. Can Anybody Help Me? explores a terrible consequence of revealing too much information online.

The characters in this book use an online forum called Netmammy to gain help from fellow mothers. Many new mothers do turn to the internet for help and I know myself (although not from a mother’s perspective) how easy it is to find information and read other’s experiences on internet forums. If you talk to these people day in and day out, you really feel like you know them. The truth is… you don’t really. Anyone could hide behind a computer screen and you never really know who you’re talking to. I liked that Can Anybody Help Me? showed the dangers of the internet.

Can Anybody Help Me? comes together nicely (although I did begin to guess what was happening, it didn’t affect my enjoyment of the story) and the writing is good. It’s got a good pace, and is a mix of forum posts and narration from different perspectives. It took me a while to get used to the different characters, but once I did, I found myself reading it quickly!

I would definitely read more from this author!

Would I recommend it?:

Stacking The Shelves #63

Click on the image to take you to Tynga's blog to learn more!

Click on the image to take you to Tynga’s blog to learn more!

Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you’re adding to your shelves, be it buying or borrowing. From ‘real’ books you’ve purchased, a book you’ve borrowed, a book you’ve been given or an e-book they can all be shared!

As ever, click on the book image to get to the Goodread’s page!

I’ve had a quieter week this week, but here’s what I’ve got my hands on!


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I’m excited to read both of these books. I’ve read both authors before. I’m particularly excited about Keep Your Friends Close by Paula Daly after thoroughly enjoying Just What Kind Of Mother Are You?



I’ve heard great things about Tom McNeal’s Far, Far Away and Can Anybody Help Me? by Sinead Crowley sounds fantastic.

What have you got this week? Please feel free to leave your links to your Stacking The Shelves post and I’ll stop by this weekend! Happy Reading!