Fairy Tale Friday- The Child In The Grave

Well, here’s another sad one from Hans Christian Andersen! The Child In The Grave centres around a grieving mother, who has lost her four year old son. Understandably, the mother was consumed by her grief. She couldn’t accept that her child was dead. On the day of the funeral, the mother was desperate to see her child. Her husband said it would be hard as they had already nailed down the coffin.

Days after the funeral passed with the mother visiting her child’s grave. The mother is visited by Death who offers her the opportunity to see her child. She’d need courage to go with him though. The mother hears her son’s voice. He talked of how beautiful the world was for him. The mother saw nothing but darkness. Her son reminds her of what she has left behind- a husband and two sisters, He explains that he is happy where he is and that the bells of Heaven were ringing for him. As the child vanishes, the mother finds herself lying on her child’s grave.

The mother returns home, feeling blessed by God and reassured by the happiness of her son.

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