Fairy Tale Friday- The Girl Who Trod On A Loaf

This week’s fairy tale is all about a girl named Inge. She’s pretty but also vain and arrogant. Inge is poor and not a very nice person at all. To get more money, Inge works as a maid in a well-off household. One day, Inge’s mistress sends her home with a loaf of bread. Inge doesn’t want to get her dress or shoes dirty, so she throws the bread into a puddle. She steps onto the bread to get her over, but it sinks into the mud, taking her with it.

Inge sinks into the home of a witch. The Devil’s great-grandmother is also there and decides that she wants to take Inge to hell to use as a statue to decorate hell. This is because Inge has frozen solid. Inge is stuck in hell, covered in mud, covered in bugs and absolutely starving. She sometimes feels drops of water on her head which are her mother’s tears. A shepherd saw the whole thing, so everyone in Inge’s life finds out it was her vanity that caused her to sink in the bog.

The story is retold year by year and as it’s told, Inge hears about it in hell. A child once cries when hearing the story and wishes Inge could return to earth. Inge feels sorrow and repents of her sins. She thinks she is not worth saving. After this, a sunbeam from heaven shines down on her. The statue vanishes and instead a bird is in its place. Inge has become a bird. Inge as a bird, flies around finding bread to feed to other birds that are hungry. When she gets enough bread to replace the loaf she destroyed, Inge’s soul goes up to heaven!

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