Fairy Tale Friday- The Runaway Pancake

I am very familiar with this fairy tale so it brought back very fond memories.

One morning, a woman mixed up some pancake batter to make a big pancake for her seven children. They fought over who should have the first bite. The eldest child said they should have the first bite, the youngest said they should have the first because they needed to grow. As the pancake heard the arguments, it wriggled and flapped and jumped out of the pan. the children were too busy arguing to notice it.

The mother screamed at them to catch the pancake, but the pancake was too fast to catch. It past a hare who demanded that it should stop for it to eat. The pancake laughed and said it had ran away from seven squabbling children so it could run away from it. It rolled past a goat who wanted to eat it and once again, the pancake managed to escape seven squabbling children, a hare and the goat. The pancake then approached a fox who it also managed to outrun.

Finally, the pancake came to a river. There was a pig at the river who offered to carry it across the river. The pancake rolled onto the pig, the pig took the pancake halfway across the river and then turned, tossed the pancake and ate it whole! 🙂

This gave me gingerbread man vibes but it’s a story that I’m still so fond of! 🙂

An extract from A Year Full of Stories, by Angela McAllister, illustrated by Christopher Corr (Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, 2016)