Fairy Tale/Folk Tale Friday- The Shepherd’s Dog

This particular tale was quite a touching one! It centres around James Hogg who as well as shepherd he became a famous writer. His stories are still read today. Lots of his stories were about shepherds and the dogs who helped them. This story is about his favourite sheepdog.

James Hogg

James Hogg, Scottish poet/writer

It’s a story about a dog he named Sirrah. When James first came across him, he was being dragged along the road with a rope around his neck. He was starved and beaten. James convinced the owner to give him to James for a guinea. The deal was done. People close to James laughed because Sirrah was untrained and looked a mess.

Sirrah was eager to learn and James tried hard to teach him. Sirrah worked hard and before long he became a full working sheepdog. Friends had to admit that they were wrong about Sirrah’s capabilities. Something that Sirrah wasn’t good at was singing. He used to make an awful noise!

One night, in lambing season, the lambs broke loose and the whole herd escaped. James was desperate for Sirrah’s help. The other shepherds and their dogs searched and searched for the lambs but they couldn’t find them. The dogs returned, all but Sirrah. They were prepared to go tell the farmer what had happened to the lambs, but another shepherd said to wait, as Sirrah might bring them back. James went searching for his dog, convinced he would find its body. What he found was an assembly of lambs led by Sirrah! What a lovely ending! 🙂

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