Fairy Tale Friday- What The Old Man Does Is Always Right

This is a strange little fairy tale. It actually made me a little uncomfortable! I’m not a big fan of stories that promote people knowing best. We all mistakes and no one is perfect. But chill, Chrissi, it’s only a story. It’s about a farmer who goes off to market to sell his horse. His wife gives him a kiss goodbye and tells him to do whatever he wants because he always knows best. (!?)

The farmer trades the horse for a cow, the cow for a sheep and then the sheep for a goose. The goose is then traded for a hen and the hen for some rotting apples. He takes the apples because he tells the traders that his wife will always think he’s done the right thing. The people that traded the rotten apples with him are sure that he’s going to get beaten by his wife. They place a bet with the farmer that he’ll be in trouble with his wife. They owe him gold if they are wrong. The men go home with the farmer, fully expecting him to be rollicked by his wife. However, his wife must truly love him because she’s thrilled with his trade. She tells him how she wants to give the apples to the school-mistress some apples because nothing grows in her garden. The men are blown away by the wife’s positive attitude and gladly hand over the gold!

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